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A46 Author Menu





We want to create a new menu which has

  • only custom links to author-profiles
  • has only author pictures
  • has NO categories

For all blogs we need 40 author pictures (two rows with author pics)
These are the 40 authors with the most posts.
Heterodox and European may have less.


For multi-author blogs add the authors into our
author & feeds tables


(February 10, 2017)

The current menu pictures are too small


Solution Approaches

Idea 1) Small menu with sub menus

We will have 5 buttons: Home, Browse our authors, Browse our categories, About us, Other blogs, wordpress – pro.

Hovering over Author

Browse by Category


When you hover on one of the buttons, then the menu with categories or authors will appear (see screen 2)

Idea3) Old Menu

The new menu becomes a Author home page pane.

Posts, archives and author pages use the old menu.


Dynamic Menu

Basis: Take authors with more than X posts in the last Y days.
Ignore private posts.

If more than Z authors, then we take only the ones with most posts.



Configure the number of authors required.

Backend link

Possible to implement also on SNBCHF




If less 40 authors, make only one row with less authors.

A41 Pictured Author Widget First Version

Pictured Author Widget First Version
A41 Pictured Author Widget First Version

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