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SNB SNB R11 no
SNB Liliane R11 no
SNB Zerohedge R11 often Swiss National Bank Stock often yes, when it is focused on SNB

(SNB words)

CHF Zerohedge R11 often yes, when focused on Switzerland, many Swiss words
Swiss Markets all R12 no only Stories making the Sunday newspapers
Zerohedge R12 often Zerohedge Daily, do not publish ! only when focus on Switzerland, not many other tags!
Swiss and European Macro All R13 no
FX Daily /
Weekly technical Analysis
Chandler / Georgiou R14 yes FX graphs over last days are urgent publish same day
Other Chandler R14 often Only if usual rules: Prio and graphs
are OK
Emerging Markets Win Thin R14 no should publish 1-3 days
Acting Man Various R15 not often Look at graphs: if they are recent days
→ Urgent
Only if usual rules: Prio and graphs
are OK
Gold and Bitcoin Jan Skoyles


R16 often Look at gold price graphs: if they

last days → Urgent

Only if usual rules: Prio and graphs
are OK
Global Macro → United States Snider,

Hugh Smith

R17 no
We like Europe posts R19 often




Main Category Country or Bitcoin/Gold Change Category
Swiss info area 
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FillFill Fill when ready22 March – Thursday Preview Newsletter                       21 March – Wednesday Newsletter           Credit Concerns In U.S. Growing As LIBOR OIS Surges to 2009 HighJan SkoylesGoldCoreBitcoin/Gold  4/not urgent5R16


Tags: Daily Market Update,Featured,newsletter

Private„Vollgeld“ ist rotester Kommunismus – lanciert vom AuslandMarc MeyerMarc Meyer, SNB   1/not urgent–R11


Tags: Featured,newsletter,Standpunkte

Published – 21Solutions Only Arise Outside the Status QuoCharles Hugh SmithThe United States   4/not urgent1R17


Tags: Featured,newsletter

The Lifecycle of Bureaucracy

PrivateThe Blind Interviewing The Blind; Or, Bubble TimeJeffrey P. SniderThe United States   4/not urgent1R17 US TIC The Real Basis For These ‘Rate Hikes’Jeffrey P. SniderThe United States   4/not urgent9R17 UST, Case Study in Missing Growth, Labor Market Growth Rates, Economic Projections, Inflation Expectations, US Stock Market – The Flight to FantasyPater TenebrarumDebt, Stock MarketUS  4/not urgent5R15


Tags: Featured,newsletter,S&P 500 Large Cap Index,The Stock Market

PrivateWhy the World’s Central Banks hold Gold – In their Own WordsRonan ManlyRonan Manly (Bullionstar)Bitcoin/Gold  4/not urgent1R16


Tags: Bank for International Settlements,Bank of England,Bank of international Settlements,Bank of Japan,Bundesbank,central bank gold,central bank gold policies,Diversification,Featured,finanical crisis,Foreign Exchange,gold as inflation hedge,gold as safe haven,gold bars,gold storage,HM Treasury,IMF,Monetary Authority of Singapore,newsletter,Reserve Bank of Australia,Swiss National Bank,Uncategorized

PrivateChoosing the Right CurvesJeffrey P. SniderThe United States   4/not urgent15R17 Revision, Job Openings, Hires, CPI Expectations vs Movement, Two Labor Stories, Full Employment Slack, Phillips Curve, Intuition Curve, Salt set to enter the landline telecoms marketSwissinfoSwiss Markets and NewsSwitzerlandBusinessannounced on Tuesday2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Business,ComCom,Featured,newsletter, Orange,Salt,Sunrise,Swisscom,UPC

Salt, Orange, Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC, ComCom

PrivateFreight losses fail to dampen state railway profitsSwissinfoSwiss Markets and NewsSwitzerlandBusinesspress release2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Andreas Meyer,Business, Featured,newsletter,Swiss Federal Railways

Swiss Federal Railways, Andreas Meyer,

Private20 March – Tuesday Newsletter

Swiss Trade Balance February 2018: Foreign Trade at a High Level

George DorganSwiss and European MacroSwitzerland  2/not urgent4R13


Tags: Featured,newsletter, Switzerland Exports, Switzerland Exports by Sector, Switzerland Imports, Switzerland Imports by Sector, Switzerland Trade Balance

Published – 20BNS; les liquidités des banques suisses au service du QE de la communauté monétaire internationaleLiliane Held-Khawam

Swiss Markets and News


Switzerland  2/not urgent5R12


Tags: Autres articles,Featured,newsletter

Published – 20Raising Switzerland’s retirement age – like death and taxesLe NewsPersonal Finance, Swiss Markets and NewsSwitzerland  2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Alain Berset,Editor’s Choice, Featured,newsletter, Pension age Switzerland, Personal finance,Peter Hegglin,Politics, Retirement age Switzerland,Werner Luginbühl

PrivateThe role of cities in the global economyPerspectives PictetPictet Macro Analysis   2/not urgent3R13   Four Charts: Debt, Defaults and Bankruptcies To See Higher GoldGoldCoreGoldCoreBitcoin/Gold  4/not urgent


4 keywords



Tags: Daily Market Update,Featured,newsletter

PrivateUS trade disputes indirectly threaten Swiss economySwissinfoSwiss Markets and NewsSwitzerlandBusinessspring forecast2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Business,Donald Trump,Featured,newsletter,SECO,Swiss National Bank

SECO, Donald Trump, SNB

PrivateStatistical Yearbook of Switzerland published for 125th timeSwiss StatisticsSwiss and European MacroSwitzerland  2/not urgent–R13   Three Swiss cities among world’s top ten for quality of lifeSwissinfoSwiss Markets and NewsSwitzerlandBusiness 2/not urgent–R12   Economy continues dynamic recoverySwiss StatisticsSwiss and European MacroSwitzerland  2/not urgent–R13   Was January A More Complete Dollar Inflection?Jeffrey P. SniderThe United States   4/not urgent12R17 European Currency, Hong Kong HKD, US Banking Data, Swap Spreads, US TIC, Japan Dollars, Swiss authorities say Uber drivers should be treated as ‘employees’SwissinfoSwiss Markets and NewsBusinessSwitzerlandLinks only to their website2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Business,Featured,newsletter,SECO


PrivateFed preview: all eyes on the ‘dot plot’Thomas CostergPictet Macro AnalysisUS  2/not urgent5R13   The Boom Reality of Uncle He’s Globally Synchronized LJeffrey P. SniderThe United States   4/not urgent


4 keywords



Tags: $CNY,China,China Fixed Asset Investment,China Gross Domestic Product,currencies,economy,Featured,Federal Reserve/Monetary Policy,L-shaped recovery,liu he,Markets,newsletter,no-growth world,PBOC,v shaped recovery,Xi Jinping,yi gang,Zhou Xiaochuan

China Nomial GDP, China Industry, China FIxed Asset Investment, US TIC, PBOC Balance Sheet, China Price Stability,

Swiss accounts blocked over suspected Nigerian oil bribery caseSwissinfoSwiss Markets and NewsBusinessSwitzerland 2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Business,Claudio Descalzi,Dan Etete,Eni,Featured,newsletter,OAG,Paolo Scaroni,Shell

OAG, Shell, Eni, Claudio Descalzi, Paolo Scaroni, Dan Etete

Private19 March – Monday Newsletter

Emerging Markets: Preview of the Week Ahead

Win ThinEmerging Markets   3/not urgent–R14


Tags: Brazil,Chile,Colombia,Emerging Markets,Featured,Indonesia, Malaysia,Mexico,newsletter,Philippines, Poland,Russia,Singapore,South Africa,Taiwan,win-thin

Published – 20Geneva’s mega apartment project now underway – 1,000 apartments and 2,500 jobsLe NewsProperty, Swiss Markets and NewsSwitzerland  2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Apartments Geneva,Apartments Vernier,Editor’s Choice,Featured,Geneva,newsletter,Property

PrivateQuand l’assureur indemnise le député… VidéoLiliane Held-KhawamSwiss Markets and News   2/not urgent–R12   Le Bitcoin : une crypto-poubelle ?Oscar Bartolomei/ BilanSwiss Markets and News   2/not urgent–R12   What happens when rates rise?Perspectives PictetPictet Macro Analysis   2/not urgentvideo – 1R13   Is Profit-Maximizing Data-Mining Undermining Democracy?Charles Hugh SmithThe United States   4/not urgent1R17


Tags: Featured,newsletter

Dominance of Facebbok and Google

PrivateSwitzerland’s parliament rejects plan to cut health insurance discountsLe NewsPersonal Finance, Swiss Markets and NewsSwitzerland  2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Editor’s Choice,Featured,Health,newsletter,Personal finance

PrivateSwiss voters could get to decide on Switzerland’s Winter Olympics bidInvestecSwiss Markets and NewsSwitzerland  2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Featured,Jean-Pascal Fournier,newsletter,Tamedia

Published – 20L’homme le plus puissant du monde : ni Trump ni PoutineBernard GensaneSwiss Markets and News   2/not urgent–R12   Will the Fed Rate Hike be Dollar Bullish?Marc ChandlerFX Trends   3/urgent–R14   Crock Of Gold Hidden In Ireland? Happy Saint Patrick’s DayMark O’ByrneGoldCoreBitcoin/Gold  4/not urgent–R16   US Industry Experiences The Full 2014 Again in FebruaryJeffrey P. SniderThe United StatesUS  4/not urgent6R17


Tags: consumer goods,currencies, economy,Energy, Featured,Federal Reserve/Monetary Policy,industrial production,manufacturing,Markets,Mining,Motor Vehicle Assemblies,newsletter,OIL,shale,U.S. Industrial Production, U.S. Motor Vehicle Assemblies

US Industrial Production, Crude Oil Production, Motor Vehicle Assemblies, Motor Vehicle Sales and Production,

Published – 20COT Blue: A Decade of WeirdJeffrey P. SniderThe United StatesUS  4/not urgent10R17 Global Dollar Markets, US Treasury Bond Futures, Good Riddance Lloyd Blankfein!MN GordonDebt   4/not urgent1R15   Latest data point to moderate deceleration in Chinese growthDong ChenPictet Macro AnalysisChina  2/not urgent3R13   18 March – Sunday Newsletter           17 March – Saturday Newsletter           16 March – Friday Newsletter           Rolex ‘most reputable global brand’ for third straight yearSwissinfoSwiss Markets and NewsSwitzerlandBusinessGlobal RepTrack 1002/not urgent–R12


Tags: Business,Featured,Forbes,Lego, Nestlé, newsletter, Raiffeisen,Roger Federer,Rolex,Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, Swiss Post

Roger Federer, Rolex, Lego, Nestlé, Forbes, Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, Raiffeisen, Swiss Post,

Published – 20Japan: Land-sale scandal comes back to haunt prime ministerDong ChenPictet Macro AnalysisJapan  2/not urgent–R13   Stephen Hawking – Doomsday Prophet’s Top Five PredictionsMark O’ByrneGoldCore   4/not urgent–R16   COT Black: Whose Seasonality?Jeffrey P. SniderThe United States   4/not urgent10R17 Oil Prices, Crude Oil, Crude Oil Stocks, Gasoline Stocks, WTI Futures, Limited upside potential for oilJean-Pierre DurantePictet Macro Analysis   2/not urgent7R13   15 March – Thursday Newsletter           SWISS reports record profits for 2017SwissinfoSwiss Markets and NewsSwitzerlandBusinessstatement on Thursday2/not urgent–R12


Tags: Business,Featured,Lufthansa,newsletter,Swiss International Air Lines




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