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PRIV D79 2nd Backup to NAS

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Economicblogs – Yes

Ecoblogs.org – Yes

Doc Site – Yes

WordPress-pro – Yes

WordPress-pro / blog – Yes

Site name Size GB – Mar 2018
Size GB – Jul 2018 Size GB – Nov 2018
Size GB – Feb 2019 to be filled
DB Backup
Full Backup
SNBCHF 9.37 GB 10.89 GB 11.80 GB 12.55 GB
DOC 1.44 GB 1.69 GB 1.90 GB 2.24 GB
WordPress-pro 1.7 GB 3.67 GB 5.06 GB
WordPress-pro/blog 1.04 GB 1.04 GB 1.03 GB 1.04 GB
economicblogs.org 32 MB 38 MB 39 MB 39 MB
Austrian 22.7 GB 25.08 GB 27.07 GB 28.07 GB
Central Banks 1.70 GB 1.85 GB 1.97 GB 2.05 GB
Leaders 6.22 GB 7.02 GB 7.95 GB 8.53 GB
European 7.77 GB 8.29 GB 8.75 GB 9.01 GB
Heterodox 4.94 GB 5.54 GB 5.97 GB 6.28 GB
Macro 43.18 GB 55.83 GB
Swiss 9.24 GB 10.48 GB 11.20 GB 11.84 GB
Server Backup



Monthly Backup of DB to BG

Trello Regular Task Monthly Backup


DB Backup

  • We use plugin backupbuddy (example link: https://doc.e-llusion.org/niko/admin.php?page=pb_backupbuddy_backup)
  • Go into the plugin page and choose the big button called “Database only”
  • This process will start generating the database, we must wait until finished
  • After finished, download the file. It is in .sql format
  • File format: Site name + date.sql (example: SNB_20190118.sql)
  • Then store the file in Office NAS under: “DB BACKUPS/SITE NAME/ DATE/”
  • NEW!!!! Copy to D:\!DB Export on George-BG
  • Do this monthly for every single website
  • Clean up backups older than 1 year (do this once or twice a year)

Full Backup


Copy to Pcloud:

  • The DB Backup copy will be synched to Pcloud



  • We only keep 3 versions

Choose Backup Profile to Run
Choose Backup Profile to Run

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DB Backup to Switzerland

Do the same job, but log into George Computer

login with Radmin

George will fill the path where you put it.





  • 2 Disks
  • RAID Type: RAID 1 or RAID0


Regular Tasks Export Tables

Trello task
TablePress Export All Tables Doc Site

TablePress Export All Tables Doc Site
TablePress Export All Tables Doc Site

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TablePress Save Tables to Sync\!Team\Tables

TablePress Save Tables to
TablePress Save Tables to

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