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O62 Custom Powerups

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Custom Powerups

How to Create/Copy a custom Powerup to a Trello Workspace

  1. Open Admin Settings for Trello
  2. Look at teams and custom power-ups where are created and not
  3. Click on Create new Power-up
    We have to create a new PowerUp for each time (see the screen)
  4. Copy everything from existing power-ups:
  5. Name
  6. Workspace
  7. Iframe Connector URL
  8. Then do the settings as the existing one
  9. Capabilities also

Custom Fields Overview by Team
Custom Fields Overview by Team

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How to enable a custom Power

We have enabled 8 PowerUps, despite the limit of 3 (Gold) or 1 (if not Gold).

Enable the power-ups as usual. Once the custom power-ups are copied for each workspace, new category inside power-ups will be shown, called “Custom”. Enabling is straight forward.

Custom Power-Ups Enable
Custom Power-Ups Enable

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How To test

Once the power-ups are enabled, new buttons will appear inside the board, between the butler buttons.

Buttons from custom power-ups:

  • T Clear Consumption
  • T Empty Trash
  • T Set Page Number
  • Total Costs

Merge Cards is a different power-ups which can be seen its button once you open a card. On the left side there will be a button, called Merge Cards. This button is not shown in the board between Butlers.

Custom Power-Ups Buttons
Custom Power-Ups Buttons

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Video name: O62 Merge Cards on Free Trello Team

Explanation: in this video we are trying to enable power-ups in Business Class Workspace, in which there are no limitation in enabled power-ups. Once enabled (11 power-ups), we are moving them in other Workspace (Orga) which is with a free plan – has limitation of enabled power-ups to 3 per board.

There is also a problem with the custom power-ups for workspaces which are using free plan. When we enable the custom power-ups, seems like they are not working at all. Even when are enabled only 3 power-ups in the board, which is the limitation.

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