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PRIV Y02 StopWords Integration

Page no: Y01

Page No: Y01


This page explains the common functionality of the syndication tools and for stop words pro:

  • The selection of posts and pages (similar to media tools)
  • The execution: “Execute all” and “Execute Single”
  • The statistics about the execution

The replacement, however is different for each syndication function.


Make the GUI

We have already a new designed GUI, similar to Media Tools. It is possible to choose the category, the type: posts, pages or books and the date range.

The additional task is add a new button for replace external links.

Syndication Tools New Design similar to MediaTools

Syndication Tools New Design similar to MediaTools - Click to enlarge

Syndication Tools Ajax

What is ajax?

We use javascript combined with ajax for everything. The table generator, the appending of the buttons and the result / preview screens. Also for filling up the table. We also use javascript with ajax for chunking the results. All the GUI is powered by javascript and the backend requests are handled by ajax.

Stop Words Pro

Stop Words Pro is a plugin, which is taking care of URLs. We have stop words lists with most common english words, which we don’t need in the URLs. We also have “must have” words or Non-Stop Words lists.

We also have full syncing process between the Master server (Syndication) where we store the master lists. And slaves (all blogs and snbchf), from where we can take tags as non stop words.



Make the chunk process

The “chunk process” is the loop through all posts, pages and books that got selected in the GUI.
There is an “inner loop” that goes through all posts and pages and find out, if we can replace an external with an internal link.
During this operation we load a selected chunk of items.


We prepare the real execution of the changing. After the first step, here we have the number of the internal links in this article, which can be replaced. This task is for the real execution of the prepared links.


Make the replace

The replacement process is different for each syndication tools.



Then we have to check how much URLs are changed and to give back the stats to the GUI.


  • The function writes x posts changed
  • I see that the old values changed




Pics and Video

Syndic Tools End Month Does not Show posts

When I select from December 2015 to January 2016, we want to see

  • the posts of December 2015 and
  • the ones of January 2016.


Currently it is showing only December 2015.

(May 11, 2017)

The user chooses the categories and date range.

Choose content

- Click to enlarge


Then syndication tools show all concerned Post names and Post dates.


- Click to enlarge


For all replace tools in syndication tools, there should be the option Search that does not do a replaces, but shows all occurrences

The option Replace will do the replace.
The idea comes from search regex plugin
we only need two options.

These are the Preview / Submit buttons on our site.

Syndication Tools Preview Button
Syndication Tools Preview Button

Syndication Tools Preview Button - Click to enlarge

New functionalities

Task: 20 Syndication Tools (or similar): Convert source FeedWP link to external Link

 We introduce a new post type into Syndication Tools (v3.7), which is called attachments. They can use all the functions from Syndication tools including FeedWP to original link.

New post type Attachments

New post type Attachments - Click to enlarge



Make Excerpts Longer Fails for 700 posts with 500 Error

Good that you commit for each row



Correction: It is fixed now. It was a memory issue in algo. Now must work fine.
256 posts, Create External Link, 500 Error



: When the query is too big and time/resource consuming, the server hit us with error 500 and then stops the process. Now we change a little bit the logic and we use less resources than before.
Why can MediaTools run without 500 error? Can we learn something?

Media Tools has complexity of N: Goes through all post and images linked and imports them.

We have a complexity of N*N, we go through all posts and for each post we have to search.

Maybe N* N*N



problemMediaTools is ajax based and they made everything post by post. We can implement it, too. It is good idea.


A bit a pity that we did not do it at the very beginning, because Media Tools was basis for Syndication Tools.

Posts of last month are not shown

Actual Functionality: December posts are not shown in Result List

Expected Functionality: Show also posts of December

Did you pay attention for chunk building for this problem?

Yes, it works fine

December Posts are not Shown in Result List


Posts of last month are not shown

Now on all of the plugins the date range is working fine as it seen on the problem screen.


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