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How big is the market? It’s okay to be niche, but the market needs to exist beyond your kitchen table.


SEO Market Size: $80 bn United States

4 $bn Switzerland = 20 times smaller

Share Small Companies Switzerland = 40%
(using #employees as measurement)



Grössenklasse (source) Unternehmen Beschäftigte
Mikrounternehmen  531 499 1 161 669
Kleine Unternehmen  50 311  969 120
Mittlere Unternehmen  9 206  908 537
KMU  591 016 3 039 326
Grosse Unternehmen  1 679 1 481 693
Total  592 695 4 521 019




Overview over Sectors for SME


Size Our
Pharma 0.9% No
Insurance 1.7% Yes
Retiremement/Care Homes 1.8% No
Telecommunication 2.1% Yes
Postal Services 2.2% No
Financial 2.4%

2nd market

But not as a client, as a reseller. They will resell our product to their clients. So the market is every small to medium company with a website in the world. No matter tha language


Market Analysis: Keywords

#12 (Market Analysis) Make sure you know your chosen market. Provide a bulleted list of at least 10 Keywords that would be used to find news and competitors. Use these Keywords to search on multiple search engines, multiple app stores, AngelList, CrunchBase, Linkedin and other distribution or discovery platforms to see what is out there and how it is described.



Top 10 keywords:

  • Improve SEO / your ranking
  • Better seo ranking in WordPress
  • Off-page optimisation
  • Obtain backlinks
  • SEO Tools
  • Seo Agency
  • Seo services
  • Satelite website
  • Blog network
  • Spinning software
  • Gather content
  • Automatisation of creating content
  • Duplicate content


Provide a bulleted list of the 10 most interesting Resources that you discovered for the Customer Problem, which may include blogs, personalities, research organizations or partners. (1 Hour)

  • Search Engine Land.
  • Neil Patel.
  • Search Engine Roundtable.
  • The Moz Blog.
  • Tubular Insights.
  • Search Engine Journal.
  • Backlinko.
  • Search Engine Watch.


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