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PRIV Y21 “External Link” Field from WP Feed data

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The syndication link that we used, is often a link to feedburner.
Feedburner then redirects to the original link.
We want to store this original (the redirected) link, too.
Therefore we create a new meta field called “original external link” on our DB.We introduce a new function called “create original external link” inside the syndication tools. This function fills the “original external link” for the selected posts and pages.

Improvements Create original external links.

Create original external links.

Explanation appears after user chooses function.
“This procedure creates the original external links out of the feed-based link.”

Output fields: Post Title, Post Date, External link (Old link), Feed link (New link)


How many already generated?

In the preview overview would be good, to see how many are already generated of the 255 posts.




problems arise is when the link inside FeedWP is not the same as the new value inside Post Meta.


Country Endings for Blogger

The country endings differ depending on where syndication tools get executed.

So when the original blog contains .com, we may write .fr

Comparing the addresses will fail later.

The address comparison in replace external links should exclude the country code.

Temporary problem: Script that replaces blogspot.fr with blogspot.com. Pay attention what internal links use.




Original Link with blogspot.com, External Link uses .fr

Original Link with blogspot.com, External Link uses .fr - Click to enlarge

Changed Feed Address

Feeds change address. What does it mean for us?

Example: The Finalist, Credit Suisse from 2016 December

Should all articles obtain the same external link as address?

Feed has Changed RSS, What about External Links?



Results from run Fill “External Link” Field Function.



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