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CM37 Portable Apps Install (mig)

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Video and Pics

Installation Rules

  • Use only folder that have shortcuts
    (or you must create new shortcuts, when new software)
  • Uninstall Portable Apps Software in the wrong folder (when no shortcut exists)
  • Install Portable Apps in the old folder (the one with Shortcut)
  • Not Allowed to use “Portable” or “PortableApps” in folder name
    (unless it exists already)


Installation of Portable Applications

Via PortableApps FrameWork


Step1: Add a new program from Portable App

  • Remove old skype from Dropbox and Start menu (shortcut) on George-BG (ONLY WHEN IT IS NOT FROM PORTABLEAPPS)
  • Go to George-BG -> Open PortableApps BG
  • Navigate to Skype (under Category – Communicate) and uninstall Skype (old version) –> Click with right button on Skype –> Press Uninstall at the bottom of the choices (in PortableApps)
  • On the right Menu, click on Apps -> Install a new App -> and navigate to Skype: sPortable_8.33.0.50_Dev_Test_1_online.paf under D:\Sync\!Softwar\(1a) Portable SW Base\!Communicate\Skype Portable
  • Install under C:\Dropbox\portableapps (main folder for Installed Software with PortableApps)
  • Install on All computers
  • Add Autostart

Portable Apps GUI Install App
Portable Apps GUI Install App

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Step3: Prepare the PAF installation files

Video name: Portable Apps Install

  • How to Install Portable Apps
  • Run PAF file of Portable Apps
  • Choose Cloud Install
  • Choose Custom Location
  • Choose the path for installation to be directly in Dropbox
  • no subfolders in Dropbox

PortableApps Install without the PortableApps FrameWork

Video name: PortableApps Install without FrameWork

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary:

  • Open Revo4 –> go to traced programs –> click install program –> navigate to Viber’s PAF File Location (D:\Sync\!Softwar\(1a) Portable SW Base\!Communicate\[application Name])
  • Open file and do the Installation –> install the software into C:\Dropbox\portableApps\[Application Name]
  • After Installation –> Open Installation Folder –> Start the Software –> Test if everything is alright –> Icon is fine –> No error messages –> no problem with internet connection –> Add to TinyWall –> Please split this task, which icon?, where?
  • If it is work –> Create Shortcut in root directory Dropbox –> C:\Dropbox
  • Create Shortcut in root directory of Dropbox: C:\Dropbox –> Copy the Shortcut into D:\Sync\!Softwar\(3a) Program Links Computer and D:\Sync\!Softwar\(3b) Program Links Laptop
  • Run Total Commander and sync again (3a) Program Links Computer with George-BG, MediaPC, Elite –> or simply copy the shortcut from Dropbox into Start menu folder in every computer



Forced Portable (copy the installation folder)

  • What is Forced Portable: 1. Install it once 2. Copy the installation to other computers, this solution is pretty similar
  • Search in Google for Skype Portable version –> Example: https://www.winytips.com/download-skype-portable-run-without-installation/ –> Download is not part of installation checklist
  • Team downloaded Skype from this link –> unzip the folder in Dropbox
  • Started Skype and it works –> Skype did not wanted to update to new version
  • Click on the Link –> Download the Skype Portable 8.zip –> Unzip Skype Portable 8.zip into C:\Dropbox\PortableApps –> Create Shortcut in root Directory of Dropbox (C:\Dropbox) –> Start Skype
  • Aim: Able to start SW on many computers with installation
  • Needed: No other files or registry entries are needed (these are not many software)
  • But: Skype or Thunderbird work !!
  • Method1: Install directly into Dropbox and adjust shortcodes if needed
  • Method2: Copy the installed directory
  • Example: Source Folder for copy is C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Target Folder is Dropbox


How to make a portable app work a computer?

  1. we install portable app only time, typically on George-BG (or Vasil PC)
  2. Copy it into G drive prgs
  3. Create a shortcut under prgs_C   (or other drive if used)
  4. Create a shortcut under shortcuts_c  (or other drive if used)
  5. Sync C prgs with G: prgs



For creating files on Elite, you do not need to login on Elite

You simply need a network share


Duplicated Installations

Two folders of same Software –> Duplicated Software

  • Remove old folder that is not portable Apps


  • Rename folder with portable apps, use the old folder name

Portable Apps Cleanup Rename Exercise
Portable Apps Cleanup Rename Exercise

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No PAF Inside Installation Folder

PAF files should exist only in Base Software folder. No PAF files in Portable Folder.

No PAF Inside Installation Folder
No PAF Inside Installation Folder

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Clean up Icons

Many Files are named Setup/Uninstall

Use the folder location to understand which software it is.



No Install Uninstall
No Install Uninstall

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Want to know what happens when I rename the software?

When we are renaming some software’s folder in portableapps result is the shortcut moves in Others section

Rename files
Rename files

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Cleanup Portable Apps FrameWork

  • Open Portable Apps FrameWork
  • — for George-BG
  • — for Elite
  • — for MediaPC
  • Thunderbird tests spam the FrameWork of Potable Apps
  • Many Files shown –> under category “Others”
  • We cleanup the FrameWork
  • File by file –> click right button and click on “Hide” NO
  • NO! You must say which Thunderbird version for the new links –> there were 50+ links to files, I do not know from which installation comes
  • Until everything is cleanup

Sync Portable Apps Others
Sync Portable Apps Others

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