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Images and Video

New bugs on Confluence

Put new bugs on this confluence page.



New Bugs in confluence
New Bugs in confluence

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Bugs in Feed Tables

Task: Copy regularly the bugs from Confluence into the feed tables


Ecoblogs Bugs into Doc Pages

2 videos

Author Name, Focus Keyword into Bug

  • Link to Bugs into Confluence, not into Trello !
  • Confluence : Write Bug into Confluence Use Author Name + 1 Focus Keyword and link to post
    Example: Bowman-Lottery
  • We use Trello only for tracking progress


(May 31, 2017)


Featured Image vs. Image inside Post

(May 31, 2017)


How To Report BugsWe write all bugs into IT.snbchf

Bug Report

Bug Reporting Ecoblogs

(no trello card)

Trello Summary: Empty

(May 12, 2017)

Bug Fix David Beckworth

Many of David Beckworth’s posts are on

  • Mercatus (here on Austrian): without audio and
  • his own blog (Leaders): with audio (very good)

Task1: Test if the 50-60 audios in Post with title “Podcast” are loaded on Leaders

Task2: Test if Austrian posts is on Leaders.

Example Austrian (14 days ago): Macro Musings 54: Josh Zumbrun on Challenges and Angst Facing the Economics Profession

Example Leaders (14 days ago:  Macro Musings Podcast: Josh Zumbrum

if yes:

1) Change title from Leaders to the title from Austrian (the long title) 2) Delete Post from Austrian

Original Post:

Remove Duplicate Posts

Run the plugin every two days on all blogs. This is integrated now in Syndication Tools.


 Video missing how to use

Daily Checks

  • —- Post ———-
  • Duplicated or Empty Posts? Scroll over menu pic on homepage, Post named 1970-01-01? –> Delete Duplicate Posts or Delete Post!
  • [Unable to retrieve content] in summary / Excerpt ? –> missing text, example : Tom Woods
  • No one line posts? Quick check on 1 post per blog, if is a linked PDF then ok –> Compare with original, if same then OK.
  • — Menu —
  • Click on each menu items. Does the menu and featured pics work in the archives?
  • — Author——
  • Click on the author picture (for single author blog) or 2 authors of multi blogs. Do author pages work, click on books, articles, bio, etc.? –> Must Fix!
  • Is author correct or is a different person? Quick check on 1 post per blog, look in original post if it the same author. –> Should Fix.
  • —Stop Words—
  • Are Stop Words removed? quick check on 3 posts per site –> Must Fix!
  • ——— Media ———
  • Featured Pic set on the archives? Go through archives for all blogs. No Must.
  • Missing images? Quick check on 1 post per blog –>Should fix images, if it happens often
  • Missing videos. Quick check. –> Should fix!
  • Missing PDF –> Should Fix
  • —- Purge the cache frequently (for CSS changes)


Images have small sizes, when Original has small sizes

Solution: SmallSizes Images
Solution: SmallSizes Images

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