PRIV E99c Author Go-Live Bugs January

Page no: E99c

T93: Seeking Alpha on CHF: Content loading problem – REMOVED LINKS, NOT SURE IF OK

1.only in this post content is loading, but FULL STORY HERE button doesn’t lead to original blog post, but only to Seeking Alpha on CHF the same post, there is at the end a text “Sign in to view StockTalks by people you follow..”, should be deleted

3.oder post are completely empty and FULL STORY BUTTON leads also to Seeking Alpha on CHF

Fixed: The feed url was changed with the right one


T92: Perspectives Pictet: Formating, missing files problem – RETEST OK this authors posts, his picture appears in the beginning of the text, very small picture. Shouldn’t be there REJECTED: This is the featured image

2.the same with this author REJECTED: This is the featured image this post there are missing PDF documents. Original post   REJECTED: Can’t get RSS this post  text is outside of borders REJECTED: Wrong link


T91: Iconomix-DE: Text and formating problems – RETEST OK all posts of this blog, hyperlinks are badly formated, URL link is visible in the text REJECTED: The RSS gives us the text in that way

2. in this post pictures are badly adjusted with text FIXED

3. at the end of text, there are few sentences missing in this posts (link1,link2,link3,link4) REJECTED: We get the text in that way


T90: Fondstrends: Wrong text, badly formated, missing pictures – RETEST NOK

in this posts (link1, link2, link3. link4) the text is totally different from original posts (link1, link2, link3, link4) REJECTED: They probably changed the text in the time. We can’t rewrite the content with script.

in this posts (link1, link2, link3, link4) at beginning of posts badly formated headlines and missing pictures from original posts – FIXED – RETEST NOK – still missing pictures


T89: FT Alphaville: Text problems – RETEST OK

in this post, at the beginning there is text “Sign up for FirstFT here” and at the end there is some copyright text. Should be deleted

Rejected, As opposed to FT Alphville, this is paid content, strangely on Alphaville feed


T88: Global Economic Intersection: Text problems – RETEST NOK

In this blog, every post has same problem – at the beginning there is text “by….” and the real author name – explained on progress on bios page

At the end of every post, there’s always a text or description about that author, picture of author. tags formated as text etc

Bug added to Trello

T87: The Capital Spectator: Text problems – RETEST OK

in this posts (link1, link2, link3, link4), at the end of posts there is one extra word “Uncategorised”.

That is a tag formated as part of text, should be deleted

yes delete


T86: Marc Chandler: Missing media/links problem – RETEST NOK this post, at the end there is a missing video. original post RETEST NOK

include video

Bug added to Trello this post, 5 links are missing from original post  RETEST OK

Similar problem on snbchf


3.already reported bug from Niko:  Can’t delete: Disclaimer. I saw the same thing in some other posts RETEST OK


T85: Humble Student: Only part of content – RETEST NOK this posts (link1, link2, link3) at the beginning of posts there is a message [unable to retrieve full-text content], our content is very short

Reload posts so that we get full content this posts (link1, link2, link3) at the end of posts there is a message “To access this content, you must be a subscriber”, this message appears on every single post on original blog. I tried signing in and subscribing with my private account, it is the same

Reload posts so that we get full content

3. this post is very short on our site, only few sentences, and original is long. All posts stated above are very short in original site, some have even similar texts, not sure whether there is a problem with original blog itself

Reload posts so that we get full content


Added in Trello, it will took more than 1day

T84: Global Macro Monitor: Text problem – RETEST OK this posts (link1, link2, link3, link4, link5) at the end there is one extra sentence, those are some tags that appear on original posts, should be deleted

Delete and double-check if the tags are really imported.



Have you thought if the global risk table is readable?  –> We should increase these regular tables to readable size.

This should be done manual.

T83: Charles Hugh Smith: Hyperlinks and additional text problem – RETEST NOK this posts (link1, link2, link3, link4, link5, link6), all hyperlinks exist, but not visible. At the end of post, there is a text “NOTE: Contributions/subscriptions are acknowledged….” and a blue picture, should be deleted. Here an example






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