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PRIV P92 PopupCancel

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This is the page for the old version of popup cancel. The new version is here.



General functionality

This is one of most complicated modules in the site. We show the popup to the users after every 10 read pages. We use the cookie technology to store the number of the pages.

No popup for authors via IP address based Whitelist

We integrate our plugin with the Security plugin, so if any IP is whitelisted in the Security plugin, so we don’t show the popup. If the user is logged in and is not administrator, we also doesn’t show the popup.


Storage of IP and other data when popup comes

In Tools -> Popup Cancle list you can see all users, that are canceled the popup without  donation. Here we store the ip and the reverse ip of the user. We also store the language, the time and date and every other needed information.


Popup version V2

In a new V2 of the popup we show a new popup so that users follow our Twitter users. The general functionality based on IP addresses should remain.





where is the code located, which template (Graphene or Graphene child), which file, which function?

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