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How to get the Analytics

I would like to explain how I work with PomodoneApp again.

Aim: Be able to track my time for different projects.

Main Tools:
1) My calendar, that has different sub-calendars for each project.

2) Time logging:

Google Calendar Time Spent Add-on

A great tool that is able to display time spent per sub-calendar, very simple actually.
I have not found anything comparable, apart from something in the

The pomodoneApp time logs  are far too complicated for me.

3) PomodoneApp for integration with Trello and into Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Blocking is the key here,


Why: As opposed to a ICAL outbound, I am able to edit the time of the calendar items created by PomodoneApp, while ICAL is fixed time.

It often happens that I start a Pomo a bit late, in particular when you have a task dependency or when something is not working as expected.
Actually this Pomodoro for this PomodoneApp issue is the same case; I realized that something is not working and I started the Pomo actually too late.

Solution: thanks to the write access in Google Calendar, I am able to start the pomodoro earlier than I actually pressed the Pomo start button.
I simply drag and drop the calendar item or extend the time (best calendar to use is the Mac calendar application with Google cal data, btw.)

This is far easier than your complicated time logs.

My Problem: Starting pomos from Trello using the Vivaldi browser, often does not block the Google calendar.
I always make sure that I use the right API code.

Sometimes, but rather rarely starting pomos from PomodoneApp Gui do not block the Google calendar.

Vivaldi versions: 3.7 on Windows and 4.2 on Mac
Important: I am using different profiles on Vivaldi, one user per project. Each project has a PomodoneApp account.

Ideal solution:
Outbound calendar that is editable.


Why am I using version 3.7 on Windows?
Another bug/conflict with higher versions of Vivaldi. When a Pomodoneapp tab is not visible then the timer does not run properly.
Instead when I return to the tab, then the timer suddenly recovers all the lost time in a “sprint run”.



According to the documentation there is a Repeat this.

However I cannot see this Repeat this.


There is no repeat pattern on this event.
It is on one of my calendars.

Repeat this is only available for new events, but not for existing ones.

Tagging and Analytics

Aim: Tag Trello tasks I worked on, at a higher level than Trello board.

How in Woven.

You can see that I tagged the red “Order Trello ” event with Planning.

I expect that other events with the same name, i.e. the same Trello task, get also tagged with Planning. See the red boxes.

Apparently this is not the case.


I am using Google Calendar using data from worked items in Trello (imported Ical calendar into Google).

The only solution appears is to tag events when importing them in to Woven using Zapier or similar.

Zapier would use a rule when Trello Task = “Order Trello by Importance” then Tag Event in Woven by “Planning”.

If this is possible, this would create an unnecessary complexity. I would have to import a Zapier calendar and not the Google calendar.



Woven Analytics only showing one calendar


Show all enabled calendars inside Analytics.
But this does not work!


Enable Calendar inside My Time Calendar.


This works, and the calendars are show again in Analytics.


Problem with this work-around

I will obtain stupid scheduling conflict alert mails.
I do not want to get spammed.
My Woven calendar is open anyway and I can see the conflicts.

I must somehow disable these notifications.

Yes I can disable them using MyTime Calendar,
but then Analytics does not work!!!

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