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Local Explorer page


Find a tool that allows to click on an URL or field on the blog and opens it inside Windows Explorer.

Chrome / Iridium

Add-on  Local Explorer for Chrome

Windows Installer: Local Explorer

[Important] Syntax for usage:

D:\Sync [/important]


Pcloud Links from Browser

Trello link

Allow Pcloud Link inside the Browser

Reference: Chrome open local links

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Local File Explorer

App for Chrome

File Manager for Chrome, open files and folders on local directories or network shares

Local Explorer
local explorer


Local Explorer on Iridium

Verify if Iridium and Extensions are installed and working. We have pages for this, so you must find and make everything work, before start the task.Then install Local File Explorer extension.

Step by step guide:






Add-on:  Local Filesystem Links

Local Filesystem for Firefox


Added to George-BG, works fine, for easy access we added the path to bookmarks. This extension works a bit different than Local Explorer for Chrome.


Syntax: Web to Local


Bookmarked and Configured
Bookmarked and Configured

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Handling Issues, not understood

Video name: Local File Explorer Feedback: Handling Issues

Video Link to Trello


Local Explorer Bug Report

Video trello link


Bug: Not working on Portable FireFox


Works on other computers like the BG computer, Elite Desktop

Error on Elite PC
Error on Elite PC

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Attempt1: Reinstall Firefox Extension Local Explorer
remove and install again

Remove add-on
Remove add-on

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Attempt2: Disable Firewall

The Firefox extension works now. Apparently the developer fixed it.

Syntax on the blog – “*” (star), simply in add-on settings at the field for url or path to local link, put * (STAR)



Local Explorer on Firefox Works
Local Explorer on Firefox Works

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Windows Link as new Field on Blog


Show the Windows Link as new Field on the blog.

Link to Pcloud Vimeo FrontEnd
P81 Link to Pcloud Vimeo FrontEnd

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Link to Pcloud Backend
P81 Link to Pcloud Backend

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