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SP41 Site Creation

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The main menu item for the automated blog creator.


Overview of functionality



Functionality Details on Functionality Main
Works Current
Nice to have
automation comment
Part of Prototype


How to create a satellite website

  1. Prepare hosting for the website

The steps are:

  1. Create new user
  2. Add new website
  3. Create new DB
Full documentation on VestaCP
2. Create a website

Full documentation on Installation of WP
3. At that point the website is ready with:

  • all plugins with the latest versions
  • empty WordPress
  • all settings of WordPress and plugins are configured
  • Sahifa template added by default with all settings
  • FeedWP, Youtube Loader ready to be used with all API keys
4. Crons

Next step is to run the crons, which will start loading content automatically on the blog.

All documentation about crons
5. Load feeds

The last step is to start loading feeds based on clients’ requirements.

More information about:

Feeds and New Feed

Content-based feeds and How the GUI works

Video feeds and Loading videos

6. Customize the website All information about customizing the website and filling it up with content is on

Onyx Plan


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