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Page no: E55

This is page for Videos inside Posts and how we tested it.


Video and Pics

Check Videos inside Posts

see special tasks page, FInews

What to be tested here?

we check how the video is visualized, it is like the original site


Fintool Videos

Trello Regular Task Add Fintool Videos

Add Fintool, manual load of videos

swiss.economicblogs.org/category/fintool – category


  • Open swiss ecoblog’s admin panel (https://swiss.economicblogs.org/niko/)
  • Go to Videos -> Add New
  • Choose Fintool Category
  • Add video from Fintool (https://fintool.ch/)
  • In Fintool website we take the video from the source code (right mouse click -> show source content)
  • We search (ctrl + f) for a “iframe” and take the whole iframe (starting from <iframe ….. ></iframe>)
  • Then we paste the iframe into our website admin panel
  • The category must be Fintool
  • The author is the author from the video (must be seen in Fintool webpage)
  • Under the video, we copy/paste the content from Fintool under the video
  • We make a screenshot (Greenshot or alternative software) from the video and then upload the new picture as a featured image
  • The name of the image must be: the name of the post with small letters and – instead of space
  • Then save and test if the video is open
  • If the video is not working or it is broken -> Write in the table and tell Niki
  • We Regularly checking if there are new videos into Fintool
  • All new Videos from Fintool must be uploaded to our blog site

Videos from Fintool Website
Videos from Fintool Website

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