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Videos and Pics

Version History

Version History:

I could not version history in Pcloud, similar to this that I find in IDrive.



Delete all trash elements that got deleted more than 3 months ago


  • Select all 500 and delete
  • wait
  • do this for all 20+ pages
  • do delete empty dir
  • and do it again if needed
  • Add an item



Folder at a certain date


Moreover I wanted to restore just one single folder for a certain date, because some files got deleted, but I do not know their names.

How is this possible?


1) Rewind can be used only a full account rewind, but not for a single folder?
Problem is here, I do not know the date, when the files were still inside the folder.

Moreover, obtaining a full back of the whole account is an overkill.

2) I cannot search inside trash, but I only can order the files by name or deletion date.
There I must open many pages until I arrive on the page that contains my folder.
I got so much old trash data unfortunately

(btw as work-around, I was using a sync with my NAS, which supports version history)

But clouds like Idrive do this a lot better.



Delete Forever


1) Can I close the browser windows. Will it still do the job , ie. on the server?

2) Can I continue with the next trash page already?
If so, Should I open it in a new browser window?


Visible for Logged Users

Pcloud Visible for logged in users

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Atila pCloud Trash

Filter about dates to be ordered in Atila’s account works fine.

Atila pCloud Trash
Atila pCloud Trash

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George pCloud Trash

Filter about dates to be ordered in George’s account seems like does not work at all.


George pCloud Trash
George pCloud Trash

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We can’t order by date in George’s Pcloud

George's Pcloud
George's Pcloud


Files deleted by other person do not appear in Trash

Pcloud Trash Deleted files missing

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