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CM34 Installed SW Location

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Installed Software Location

Software Location on Cloud

  • Use c:/dropbox for all computers (including laptops)
  • Portable software inside “portable” folder
  • Link to software in main dropbox folder


Why do use Dropbox?

  • Installed on all computers and Laptops
  • Should be quickly accessible –> Use SSD
  • Software is rather stable, therefore prefer against PCloud
  • Dropbox brings warning when delete files and folders that could affect other computers that use the Dropbox folder



Video Name: Portable Software now on Dropbox

(no trello card)

Trello Summary: Empty

Portable Programs Move to Sync

we move all files from Dropbox into Sync.com


Portable Programs Now on Sync
CM23 Portable Programs Now on Sync

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Portable Programs to Google Drive


Google Account
Google Drive Location Shared Folder
In Explorer Tiny Wall
George-BG (master, sharing) andy.googlplay h:\drive\andy
(multiple accounts)
prg prg not needed
Clients h:\drive\ prg h:\drive\prg into Tinywall
      TravelLap Win10/Win8
googl,fotki h:\drive\ prg h:\drive\prg
       Elite Win8 googl,fotki2 h:\drive\ prg h:\drive\prg
       Laptop Small
? h:\drive\ prg h:\drive\prg




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