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For the author go-live of economic blogs we need the best pictures


  • Create the author pics for Economic Blogs using Google Image Search for authors with at least 3 posts.
  • Use the best image for each author avatar with minimum quality 200×200, 40 KB

    His picture from Twitter is bad quality !

Bad Author Pic


We find better pictures on Google Image Search

  • Austrian blog: The word “Austrian” can help to find the guy
  • Use “Face” as google search parameter
  • Google shows the size in search results: Verify that size > 200×200 and not too big (max 400 or 500)
  • Save the picture on the pcloud drive in folders by blog site
  • Save it with the first and last name
  • Create all channels for the author.

Find Authors Better


Replace existing avatar

  • Replace the existing user avatar with the 200×200 minimum picture

Category Picture

  • use this 200×200 min pic as category picture for single-author-blogs


Keith Weiner example

Here Keith Weiner has many bad pictures on Google Image Search

Bad Keith Weiner Pictures


But SNBCHF has the best picture

Certainly we have the same popup of posts as in the old menu

Keith Weiner Best Pic



  • Find out best size (here it is 200×200)
  • Consider resizing manually all need author pictures with a tool
Images are too small or too big


Authors Face Pictures instead Body Pic

Trello link

Authors pictures have to be only with their faces. We don’t like pictures with their bodies also.

Top 20 authors need bio and Face picture instead Body Pic

Trello link

  • Order Authors by Number posts
  • Replace Body Pic by Face Pic for main authors


See more for A2x User Attributes: WordPress