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F86 Duplicate Videos

Page no: F86

When we are loading new authors, we

  1. Load the videos from user menu
  2. then we create the FeedWP feed

With this, we obtain duplicated videos.


Delete the video that is draft.
if there are two drafts, we delete randomly one.

If there is no such draft then we delete randomly one published video [test]

They go into status “retired” (zap function)

GUI Link to snbchf

Plugin Name: youtube_loader_tool


Selection Criteria:

  • Same Video ID from Youtube (from Youtube Loader or FeedWP)
  • Same Title (in case that Video ID is empty or for use of something else like Duplicate Posts)





Problem: if same videos published in two channels, because both channels like the author

Option 1. Same Author and Video Name

Option 2. Same Length and same Author
is this sufficient

For now we cannot solve that.


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