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PRIV O05 Progress 2016/12

Page no: O05

Good points:

The team learns very quickly, they are intelligent.
Knowledge transfer

The progress on the project is currently very slow.

The reasons:

  1. I required more details: On testing and on documentation
  2. I re-open tasks with insufficient documentation or raise bugs
  3. We discover bugs because we did not test enough before.
  4. Ned is not helping with programming
  5. Team does not know what to do exactly

The problems:

  1. This is a learning process. Details help to find more bugs. The team should be able to do testing, but there are many details that they must learn.
  2. same as 1.
  3. We address these problems with more detailed testing. This also means document the testing → Our new testing page
  4. Ned has another project. No problem. Weak progress on programming holds us with planning.
  5. We need both: George makes videos, Niki explains the videos.

Backlog and planning

Since 4-5 weeks we are still on BL01 (syndication tools).  We always carry the old tasks into a new sprint. This should not happen.

But we still have BL01 to BL12 to do. If we continue at this speed, we will finish in one year time; and the sales will not have started yet.

This is insufficient compared to the budget.

Bugs hold the project for days.


Class clash between media tools and our media wizard. It broke the media library.

These kind of issues should not stop the project for days.
Why do our classes do not have a special prefix, so that such naming clashes do not happen so often?


  • George must provide videos for all new tasks
  • All tasks need to be estimated before the work starts. Estimates of the team tasks are done based on the videos.
    This happens in a Monday planning meeting from 11 to 4. (or Wednesdays when I am not at work in the bank)
  • Exceptions to this rule only when we have red tasks (urgent).
  • All estimates must be realistic and committed by the person responsible.
    The team must know what they do during the whole week.
    Example: When SG must copy text from trello in to the Feed tables, then it should not take a lot of time. Niki should explain it to him.
  • DONE lists: Team DONE, SG DONE, Niki DONE added Doc, Niki DONE missing Doc
  • Niki is free for programming from Tues to Friday. Saturday is Doc day.

The budget:

We do not make money with our project yet.

For the budget of 3600 €, I expected

  • One high-level skilled programmer with 8h per day and sufficient documentation.
  • A project manager with 3h per day that looks after Trello and the team.
  • 3 Data entry /lower skilled programmers with 6h per day.

We do not have this situation now.


Two options:

  1. Lower the monthly budget. I have no problem continuing at lower pace. But I cannot pay all my spare money for a slow project.
  2. Pay per sprint completion. This simply would divide the monthly payment into 4 installments per completed sprint. Hence @900 Euro each.
    This needs some agreement each week about how much we do in the sprint after the Monday planning meeting.

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