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Video and Pics

Vimeo Folders

Link to Vimeo Folders


Create Vimeo Folder for each album / subcategory on blog.

Move the videos into the folders on Vimeo with drag and drop.

How to order


Example for a folder in Vimeo.

Example for a folder in vimeo
M43 Example for a folder in vimeo

- Click to enlarge

How to order videos

Step1: Start from O40



How to reorganize:

Many videos have changed name

Very good idea from Vasil:

Reupload everything with right folder structure.

Vimeo Folder and Albums

Sync Vimeo Folder and Albums

Trello Regular Task Sync Vimeo Album and Vimeo Folder

  • When adding new videos to Vimeo, they should be append to right Vimeo Album and Vimeo Folder
  • Vimeo Album is same as Category
  • Vimeo Folder is Folder for Videos
  • Every Mother Page in our Doc site has Vimeo Album and Vimeo Folder
  • When the video is uploaded to Vimeo:
  • Go to Manage Videos –> Click on Video and go to Collections –> from left side
  • When click on Collections –> List of Albums will be shown –> Choose the right Album for video
  • For Vimeo Folders –> Go to Manage Videos –> All Videos will be shown in list
  • In the left pane is “Projects” –> Projects are our Vimeo Folders
  • Find the Right Folder you are looking for and simply Mark the Video and Drag and Drop it into the Folder
  • (do not open/click on folder, because in the main screen the Videos inside of Folder will be shown)
  • Every Video must have same Vimeo Folder as Vimeo Album!!!

Compare video album and folders
Compare video album and folders, Vimeo Folder Left, Vimeo Album Right

Vimeo Folder Left, Vimeo Album Right - Click to enlarge

Video name: Vimeo Album, Folder Sync

Link to Trello card

Trello Summary:

All folders are synced with the albums. Vimeo Folder = Vimeo Album.

All videos are moved in the right folders.



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