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570Text Image Table Gallery



Text Image Table Gallery: Requirements

On media library we cannot use the tag popup
it is the wrong class and we cannot edit the WP core
But the attachment pages are posts and so the tag popup works here.

So why not create the same wizard for attachment pages that we have created for media.
But this time on the class for editing the attachment page.

Apparently the attributes are stored on the media and not on the attachment page. This is even better for us, because we want the date there.

An example for a text / Image gallery is here:

Media Functionalities
G78 Media Functionalities

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Attributes needed in the wizard

Attachment Page Title
Media Title
Attached To (Post, Page)
feed Link (from feedwp) (we don’t have this)

Media Wizard
Media Wizard

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Media Wizard

Media Wizard on Attachment Pages

Media Wizard on Attachment Pages
G78 Media Wizard on Attachment Pages

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Discussion if possible

This is not possible. This is a page. We can show this page in iframe, but it will be with the header and sidebar.


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