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Swiss Statistics Feed


Check new Swiss data release and write into Confluence (Swissmacro)

We ignore Monday Swiss franc index and Friday speculative position.

I will tell you the link and then u copy the page. We take as category Swissmacro


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UBS Switzerland

Q: Is this Swiss macro feed?

A: UBS Media Global – Global topics is the Feed that we have, but there are some posts which we could not load that’s why we have to copy them manually.

Author: UBS Switzerland

Channel: They come via new-article mail

We publish some of them like


Switzerland Producer Price Index

This video explains which data you should use for the Swiss producer price index, when you are creating the tables.

Switzerland GDP

Switzerland GDP Corrections

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Switzerland GDP with Year and YoY

Switzerland GDP with Year and YoY
Switzerland GDP with Year and YoY

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Switzerland GDP Corrections

Switzerland GDP Corrections
Switzerland GDP Corrections

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Swiss Macro Posts

Swiss Macro Year YoY Missing Posts

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Regular Swiss Macro releases, fill the table with time

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Object Name………………………………………………… Date……………….. Last
Year YoY Author………….. Feed………

Tag Archive………….

URL Syntax ……………….. Original Site if needed
Real Estate  Switzerland, Real Estate Bubble Index 05 Monthly Q4,2017 OK UBS Switzerland  no feed  archive missing  UBS Link
Sales/Consumption Switzerland, UBS Consumption Indicator 01 monthly 2018.01 in future no UBS Switzerland This is NOT from Feed Switzerland UBS Consumption Indicator  …ubs-consumption-indicator-december/ we stop this?
Sales/Consumption Switzerland, Retail Sales 02 monthly 2018.07 in future Only
George Dorgan/ Swiss Statistics feed exists Switzerland Retail Sales .. (use 2017 only if not yet in the URL, here it is already in URL) don’t need correction, next time better
GDP Switzerland, Gross Domestic Product 02 Quarterly Q2, 2018 in past and future YoY
SECO feed exists Switzerland Gross Domestic Product
GDP KOF Economic Barometer 30 monthly   in future
  KOF Economic Barometer No Feed Switzerland KOF Economic Barometer March 2017
GDP Switzerland, SECO Economic Forecast 21 Quarterly SECO feed exists Switzerland SECO Forecast

no good URL, please correct SECO-Switzerland-economic-forecast-2017-2018 (u see in the table the years) -DONE

Inflation Switzerland Producer Price Index 15 monthly YoY
Swiss Statistics feed exists Switzerland PPI
Inflation Switzerland, Consumer Price Index CPI 08 monthly YoY
Swiss Statistics feed exists Swiss CPI (2017 already in URL, no need to write again)
Jobs Switzerland Unemployment (remember this for next time, this is similar to inflation rate or retail sales, when we say YoY and MoM, you can also say “Rises from 3.3% to 3.4% or “Falls from 3.3% to 3.2%”) 09 monthly s.a.
rate only SECO feed exists Swiss Unemployment Rate
Jobs Employment Barometer quarterly Create New Tag
Switzerland Employment Barometer
Trade Switzerland Trade Balance

Wait Investec to update their graph for Swiss Trade Balance. Also put 2017 in URL because it adds “-2” at the end because there is already post with this URL (if necessary).

21 monthly OK Swiss Customs feed exists Switzerland Trade Balance (no need for 2017, already in URL) no need to correct, next time better
Trade Switzerland Balance of Payments 24 quarterly Important
Missed 2 quarters
OK SNB Switzerland Balance of Payments,

Switzerland Current Account,

Switzerland Financial Account,

Switzerland Capital Account,

  no post for Switzerland ZEW Expectations. Stop this
Switzerland ZEW Expectations George: Check Credit Suisse Feed


See more for R7x Swiss and SNB (Manual)