M09 OCR and ALT Text

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80% of the graphics are good to be categorized

and to be in gallery
If we make a good plugin which recognize the graphics then we can implement everywhere

We need to separate the dummy images (featured images) from the graphics.


OCR Software

A OCR software can help most of the graphics contain text and most of the dummy images – no we can separate dummy images from the normal one next step can be
to categorize them if we already have added the needed tags.




We can check with OCR if some of the text matches somehow some of our tags for example GDP (and all his variations) then we can build a gallery or an archive with graphics based on our tags
and probably a date  (the publication date) then we can generate a custom titles for every image and put them into different galleries and the next thing is.. to connect the post and the graphics when you open tag (GDP) you can choose posts or images and you will see both post and images

This will make these pages better.


We should stop the tag spamming, which we currently do we should start using somewhere the tags we don’t have internal links to these pages and Google doesn’t think that we consider them as important pages which is wrong in the end … we must have:
1) Very good alt tags and unique texts
2) Categorized images
3) Good looking tags
4) Software that automatize the categorizing of the images and the posts
5) Unique pages with graphics & articles (next.. probably videos, audios)
6) Very good looking tags pages
7) Many internal links to these pages.


We must implement the tags into the current sites
8) If someone search for Austrian GDP (just an example).. we will have the best page on this topic
we will have
1) All authors, which write on this topic
2) All posts on this topic
3) All graphs on this topic
4) Next all videos and audios on this topic
5) We will have good looking texts, introductions etc.
If I search for GDP Austria.. I will need one of this information.. and we will have all of it
on one place
and this will be automatically.. which means that we can have many pages
The seo starts changing and the trend currently is exactly this – to give all the needed information to the user in your site
As you know.. the backlinks are very manipulative
Google started implementing the behavioral signals

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