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PRIV V88 PearlTrees

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PearlTrees is a website for organizing content, for example articles or links on the web.

PearlTrees contains collections; it is like folders on a computer or boxes in real life. The following is the base PearlTrees screen for George Dorgan. It shows 25 collections. We are able to drag and drop articles/web links into the different collections or buckets or folder.

PearlTrees pearltrees

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On the bottom we can see different articles (web site links). We would like that they are in the correct buckets. So an article about China goes to “China & Emerging Markets”, an article about Merkel goes to the Germany box.

PearlTrees Articles

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Task: Move the links to the correct collection

Do not move folders, only links!

The following collections are


SNB (Swiss National Bank)
CHF (Swiss Franc)
Swiss and Gold
Swiss Macro (all other about Switzerland)
Gold (not Swiss)
Tech (blog)
Tech (social & privacy)
Tech (other)
China and Emerging Markets
Richard Koo (when you see the name)
Michael Pettis (when you see the name)


Relatively easy:

Eurocrisis (this is Spain and Greece)
Housing (all about house prices)
Econ. History (when you see old dates)
Markets (when you see stock market, bonds)
Psychology and Religion


You should never touch the difficult ones:


Austrian Economics
Other Econ. Theories
Monetary & Fiscal Policy
Global Macro


Pocket Export

Pearltrees Pocket Export

Use this view for Pocket Export !! - Click to enlarge

I have exported many links from getpocket.com to Pearltrees. The import tries to order them by theme. This, however, fails a bit. The import creates many folders that

  • Are named like a link
  • but these folders/collections contain other links.


  1. Move the links inside the Pocket Export folder into the correct collection/bucket.
  2. Inside Pocket Export there are again folders.
  3. Delete folders when you have moved all links away.
    The example shows the folder “history” inside Pocket Export. Here you can move all links into “Economic History” and you can delete the folder once all links are moved. For this you need to go one folder up.
  4. Move only easy links – see above the definition which links you should move.
  5. Find a nice pic for the collections that still use my photo (like Inflation, Economic Theory, Tech, Psycho&Religion) – but not inside Pocket Export!!
  6. Hint: If the link is in German then you have good chances for collection Germany, Swiss Macro, SNB or CHF


Later Tasks:

2) Use same (featured) images for

  • Pearltrees collections
  • snbchf.com category pages
  • (mobile) snbchf.com category archives

Pearltrees Empty Collection

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