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Page no: O56

Trello Cards


Pics and video

Dummy Card

Copy Dummy Cards instead new cards


Do not create new cards but copy the dummy task.

In addition put see below

  • page number,
  • link,
  • name of the video –> Name of card.


(no Trello for this video)

Copy Dummy Task
O56 Copy Dummy Task

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Doc Page Link

For all pages of sprint: Add doc Page Link to each Trello item, if not written (no doc) or (doc later)

When I do not write (no doc) then please find the doc page for each Trello item

Add the doc page into trello card

For all tasks of this sprint, please put the right page number and the link to this page.


Trello Card Links are stable
O56 Trello Card Links are stable

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Cards into right BL Sprint

Trello link

We want to move cards into the right sprint based on keywords.


  1. Search for cards with
  • “Tiny Table”
  • “TinyTable”

2. Move Card into the relevant sprint

3. Choose the relevant List inside the sprint





Finding Pages

Find Page for Latest Sprint

Media Latest Sprint Find Page

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary:

  1. Browse the latest sprint folder in PCloud. Go to !team->#Media->!!!Latest Sprint directory.
  2. There will be many things that won’t be in the right place.
  3. Start by the name of the file. (It will be easier for cleaning up)
  4. If there are duplicate file –> Write “Copy” in the name of the file.
  5. We can use the keyword in the filename to put to right page.For eg: Image elevator feedback -> On M25
  6. We can also use search functionality of the doc site.
  7. Individual files of the latest sprint folder goes to each page of the doc site.
  8. If there is no existing page for the video –> Create a new page
  9. For creating new page –> Copy related page to a new draft.
  10. Update the url of the page –> Remove the duplicate url as on O43
  11. Remove the text from it.
  12. Add the title of the page in heading one format.
  13. Add tiny table as in O45.
  14. If there is missing screenshot –> Label “missing screenshot” in red text
  15. If the post for SNBCHF has already been uploaded, load it to snbchf folder.
  16. If the page is to be divided into two parts –> Create a new page.
  17. Avoid duplicating the content of page.
  18. Create a new clean up task in trello as in here. –> Assign priority to task,
  19. If video does not have page number –> Add page number based on the keywords.
  20. If video is of big size –> Write “Original” in the name of the file. ( So as to distinguish what is created by George).
  21. If there is file relating to the content –> Move it to upload later directory.


 Card: Page Numbers and Keywords 

  • Do not move cards into backlog based on page number !
  • Move cards based on keywords
Right Board Page Number Keyword
052 Right Board Page Number Keyword




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