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PRIV L28 GDPR Author Attributes

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Input Attributes


Field Name Meaning Field Entered by Default Value
EU Blogger The author is affected by European
GDPR law. He is citizen of the European Union.
not filled
Keep yes for all
(unless u see guy is American –> No)
Yes for European
No for Others
Consent Given The author has given consent to
publish his personal data under GDPR law.
Author when he is logged in. (new functionality)
Team when they get an answer via
Twitter or Mail.
The author is a public figure.
GDPR law does not apply.
Main work
Other Public Figure


The author is a public figure, but has no Wikipedia
entry. This could be professors from a university,
people often in the news.
Main work
About Me



Where is the biography copied.

Fill also the About Me.

 For existing biographies

 Main work if empty

Derived Fields

Show Full Info

We may still show the field in the GUI, but when the input values change then it changes too.

It follows the rule:



New Fields

New Fields User Overview

To the right, we can see the new fields which are important for GDPR.

New Fields User Overview
New Fields User Overview

- Click to enlarge

Other Public, About Me

The most important things about GDPR are to know which user is public.

These fields are mandatory. Bug on About Me.


GDPR Attributes Feedback
GDPR Attributes Feedback

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Anonymize Data

When Show Full Info is No then we anonymize the data of the user.

  • Author first name and last name gets abbreviated, e.g. M.T. for Marc Townsend
  • Short and Long Biography: is not shown, but text “Author affected by GDPR law”
  • Later function to be discussed: Show a link to source of the biography (e.g. his blog, LinkedIn, …) with the text “Link to Biography (Economicblog is not responsible for the content of external websites).



Author login

We will need a new simple user GUI, where the user can enter his biography and personal data.

To be verified if this is already available in WordPress.


 Task not done y



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