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PRIV P35d Character Rules

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Page no: P35d

This page explains special rules for certain characters.


Rules before running Stop Words


Final S Remove Stop Words

  • Need to remove the final s from the URL before we run stop words

Currently Swiss national bank’s gives URL Swiss-banks



Remove ‘s before applying stop word algo

Title: The Fed’s Waterloo should give
URL: Fed-Waterloo (see screenshot)
and not Feds-Waterloo


It is ready on European. I tested it. It works fine. Must be added on all blogs.


Must run on:
– Syndic Tools (need screenshot of the function)
– Feed WP



Does not work on European or is not installed on FeedWP (see screenshot from European)


Solution on Bug:
Now it is installed on Syndication and works perfect. See the problem screens.





Rules during running Stop Words

Acute Sign: &amp

Acute Sign inside the Title

Open in WP Backend and Frontend


Wrong problem

The problem is caused by é of Nestlé, which wordpress translates into acute. It is a strange bug, but it is caused before our stopwords algo & plugin.

Explanation what happens:

1) Input Title and URL

We type the title and then wordpress try to save it for a url, too.

2) Then WordPress does;

WordPress started converting the title into url. It removes all special symbols. All capital letters to small. And in the end all spaces to dash.

3) then Stop Words, Output in URL, Title

Then stop words check and run his algo for removing stop words and keeping the must-have words. It also adds the Family name of the author.

4) final url

Then from “Activist fund aims to spur ‘staid'” we receive this url “family-name-activist-found-aims-spur-staid”

Sorry, I received wrong information about this post from the team. There is no any problem with è à î or other special symbols. The problem here was that Vasil was edited the title, but forgot to edit the URL.


Bug: “/” in the URL

“/” create problems with URL


It was an algo bug in Stop Words. In the last version, the bug is fixed.


Bug: Dot is separator

Dot is a seperator for words


In the last version of the plugin, this bug is fixed. It was an algo problem in Stop Words.



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