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#5 (Business Calendar)

Create a separate calendar on a tool, such as Google Calendar, to track all of your relevant business appointments, due dates and regulatory filings.

Create a bulleted list of the following events that are to be added to your Business Calendar and set reminders at an appropriate amount of time beforehand.

  1. First, add all of the program dates for incorporation, as well as the special events including the Mentor Progress Review and Graduation.
  2. Next, research at least a dozen upcoming events over the next 60 days related to your target market, discussing technology or focused on startups, using resources like Meetup or Eventbrite.
  3. List all of these events, and place them in your Business Calendar. Make arrangements to attend the events, and, for any event that allows startups to pitch, submit an application to present your company. (2 Hours)
Business Calendar





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