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Domain Analysis


Current Website:

We are currently using the domain
SNBCHF.COM (in the #2 Customer Segment Authors)
with a Domain Authority of 46 (according to Moz.com).
1) Should we use SEO.SNBCHF.COM ?
SEO.SNBCHF is only valuable for a start.
Do we need existing domain authority (eg. SNBCHF.com) so that people find “the best SEO site”?


Name Centric

Domain authority on the company web site’s domain is not needed, because this is what our company does, namely to increase domain authority.

We drastically improves the authority of the company website by creating backlinks.



#7 (Domain Names) If you have not done so already, register various domains related to your Final Name on a domain registrar, like Name.com (See Resources). First, register your Main Domain, preferably as a.com, and then register all logical misspellings, which may include pluralization and mistakes when typing the name quickly. Next, register the Final Name on other top level domains, such as.net,.co and local domain variations. Provide a bulleted list of the various domain names that you have registered. (1 Hour)

I have registered the following domains:

The following are currently reserved, if this is necessary for each country.
my opinion is that they are not needed.
Unfortunately all misspellings like rankup.com, … are already taken.


Domain Rules

for Link




Mails created:
  1.  [email protected]

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