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OT10 Tasks, Task Steps, Areas

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The central piece for a project manager is the tasks and the pomodori plugin on Thunderbird.



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A task is directly connected to exactly one doc page.

The task numbering is done as follows:

The task number consists of
Type: This is “CPT”, “Des” or “Plug” or “Sup”, etc.

and our new numbers for the “areas“:
03 Multi-website
04 Email/Subscription
06 Author
08 E-llusion sales possibilites and related
10 The Story

If there are multiple design pages for one concept page then we letters a, b,c

Hence a task number is type + area + (sometimes a letter)

There can be multiple marketing pages for one concept page, too.

Title of pages with Number

What is a task step?

A step is a task number + a counter
a counter for each day you work on it

Example: Des03.0515

We now use task steps less than before.

More background on the doc page requirements here.

Related Pages

Plugins have design and CPT

For CPT, design and “our plugins” there are always 3
1 page no und 2 related pages

Plugin points Design CPT

Example Related Pages: 2 connections

Exception: CPT that Points to marketing,  this has only 2Exception: CPT that Points to marketing,  this has only 2

Marketing Related Page

Marketing Related Page, Only one connection

For Rad: Split Support menu into Server and Tools

This means that have an additional Task right at the beginning

Step1: Change PageNo:
Replace SUP for Support with Ser for Server

or SUP with Too for Tools
Step2: Check orderNo,

if page is for example 06c then orderNo is 6
Step3:  Change the category
from Support to Server
or Support to Tools
Step 4: Parent page:

The parent page for tools is:
Support is renamed to server.

For Rad: Update Task Number in Task Table

Step 1) Order all pages by step number in  the task table.

Step 2) Click on the page

Step 3) Update Task number into table according to PageNo

For Rad: Update Pages with PageNo, RelatedPageNo and OrderNo

Step 1) Look if all pages have
Step 2) Verify PageNo

 Related Page
Step 3) Related PageNo with a link, like in this example

All design pages need a related concept page and vice versa.

All Marketing pages need a related concept page and vice versa.

If not, correct it and ask if it you do not know!

Step 4) if the order number is the same as the page no.
leave the letters at the end for order numbers


Order No
Step 5) Update the title of the page with the task number as we do already inside the menu Title of pages with Number


The Task or Step number will now change according to the new page number.

Example 1:

In the example, the new page number is 04c.

Design (“des”) remains, but the “10” changes into “04c”. In this case it is only a task number, because the steps part is missing.

The steps part will remain unchanged.


The server page is now Sup21 and not Orga06

the “0515c” remains



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