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M12 Media Library Quick Edit

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The media library quick edit is the first of our media improvements and maybe the most important one.


Object Attribute (optional)
Action (optional)
Media library Media Quick Edit part of WP Pro WP Pro Wizard as Something New
Media Library Quick Edit Media Quick Edit Fields NewV3



Media Quick Edit as New Function WP Pro Wizard

The initial requirement was to improve the quick edit from Media Library Assistant with more attributes. Then we realized that the code was too complicated and that we better create a quick edit function on our own. The result was not a quick edit as we know. But you created something completely new and beautiful, what I called Media Wizard.

Still this media wizard is associated with Quick Edit.  But we better add a new function Media Wizard, that should a new function inside the media menu.

  1. The Media Library Assistant is also a plugin, so I cannot understand the point 1) “To make a plugin, WordPress must have a filter”.
  2. So why can’t we create something completely new? I know, “something new” has a cost.
    But why say “something new” is impossible? 
  3. Apparently the question is about how to hook into the quick edit, which is maybe not the right choice. Because already now we created something new, which is hooked into quick edit. But maybe we should not have hooked into quick edit.
  4. Something new could also be media tagger wizard.
    We create a new plugin that tags the media. Here we could match the (media) title with the existing tags. We create something new and we keep the existing “hooked in” quick edit.

WP Pro Wizard as Something New
WP Pro Wizard as Something New

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Media Library Quick Edit Fields

The following is the improved fields as of January 2018.

Media Quick Edit Fields NewV3
M14 Media Quick Edit Fields NewV3

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Media Library Quick Edit: Attributes & New design

Business Reason

We need more information more attached duplicate images.

Needed new attributes

  • Attached Post Name with Link (old),
  • Publication Date of post,
  • Modification Date of post
  • Status

Testing link


The new plugin is deployed everywhere.


Attachment Detail
M12 Attachment Detail

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Quick Edit Images

Video Name: Media Library Quick Edit Find Images

Video Link to Trello



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