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Overview of functionality

Layout settings
– Theme layout: Framed
– Custom Favicon: favicon.ico
Download favicon and upload it again into the website
– Custom Gravatar: Empty
– Apple Icons: All empty
– Time format: Time Ago Format
Lightbox Settings:
– Enable Lightbox Automatically : OFF
– Enable Lightbox for WordPress Galleries: OFF
– Lightbox Skin: dark
– Lightbox Thumbnail Position: Vertical
– Show Lightbox Arrows: OFF
Breadcrumbs Settings
– Breadcrumbs: YES
– Breadcrumbs Delimiter: /
Header Code
– Header code: EMPTY
Footer Code
– Footer code: Put analytics
– Do this task: https://trello.com/c/bfhdcNES
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GUI: Header settingsLogo
– Logo Settings: Custom Image Logo
– Logo Image: Create a new logo for the blog and upload it
– Logo Retina Image: Empty
– Standart Logo width: Empty
– Standart Logo height: Empty
– Logo Margin Top: 0px
– Logo Margin Bottom: 0px
– Full Width Logo: OFF
– Center the Logo: OFF
Header Top area Settings
– Hide Top menu: OFF
– Today’s Date: ON
– Today’s Date Format: I, F j Y
– Search: ON
– Live search: ON
– Social Icons: OFF
Main Nav Settings
– Hide Main Nav: OFF
– Random Article Button: OFF
– Stick The Navigation menu: OFF
– Logo in the sticky: Empty
Responsive Mobile Menu Settings
– Enable the Mobile Menu: ON
– Search: ON
– Social Icons: ON
– Show the Top Menuu Items in the Mobile Menu: OFF
– Hide the Mobile Menu Items Icons: OFF
Breaking News
– Enable: OFF
– Show in Homepage Only: OFF
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GUI: Archive settingsGeneral Settings
– Show social buttons: OFF
– Excerpt Length: 50
– Review Score: OFF
– Author Meta: ON
– Date Meta: ON
– Categories Meta: ON
– Comments Meta: OFF
– Views Meta: OFF
Default layout settings
– Choose the default layout: 1 option
Category Page Settings
– Category Description: ON
– RSS Icon: ON
– Choose Default Categories page layout: 5 option
Tag Page Settings
– Tag Description: OFF
– RSS Icon: ON
– Choose Tags page layout: 1 option
Author Page Settings
– Author Bio: ON
– RSS Icon: ON
– Choose Author page layout: 1 option
Search Page Settings
– Search in Category IDs: Empty
– Exclude Pages in results: OFF
– Choose Search results page layout: 1 option
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GUI: Posts SettingsPosts Settings
– Show Featured Image By Default: OFF
– Post Author Box: ON
– Next/Prev Articles: ON
– OG Meta: ON
– Reading Position Indicator: ON
Post Meta Settings
– Post Meta: ON
– Author Meta: ON
– Date Meta: ON
– Categories Meta: ON
– Comments Meta: OFF
– Tags Meta: ON
– Views Meta: OFF
Share Post Settings
– Bottom Share Post Buttons: ON
– Top Share Post Buttons: OFF
– Share Buttons for Pages: ON
– Share Buttons type: Flat Buttons
– Use the post’s Short Link: ON
– Tweet Button: ON
– Twitter Username (optional): Empty
– Facebook Like Button: ON
– Google+ Button: ON
– LinkedIn Button: ON
– StumbleUpon Button: ON
– Pinterest Button: ON
Related Posts Settings
– Related Posts: ON
– Related Posts Position: In the post content area
– Number of posts to show: 3
– Number of posts to show in Full width pages: 4
– Query Type: Posts in the same Categories
Fly Check Also Box
– Check Also Box: OFF
– Check Also Box Position: Right
– Number of posts to show: 1
– Query Type: Posts in the same Categories
jQuery Comments Settings
– Adding Comment Validation: OFF
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GUI: Sidebars

Default Sidebar Position
– 1 Options
Sticky Sidebars
– Sticky Sidebar: OFF
– Disable on the homepage: OFF
– Disable on category pages: OFF
– Disable on tag pages: OFF
– Disable on pages: OFF
– Disable on posts: OFF
Add Sidebar
– Sidebar Name: Empty
Custom Sidebars
– Home Sidebar: Default
– Single Page Sidebar: Default
– Single Article Sidebar: Default
– Archives Sidebar: Default
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GUI: Footer Settings

Footer Elements
– Go To Top Button: OFF
– Social Icons: ON
Footer Widgets layout
– Footer Widgets: ON
Footer Text One
© Copyright %year%, Economicblogs.org, All Rights Reserved
Footer Text Two
– Empty
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GUI: Banners Settings

Background Image ADS
– Enable Background Image ADS: OFF
– Background Image ADS Link: Empty
Top Banner Area
– Top Banner: OFF
Bottom Banner Area
– Bottom Banner: OFF
Below Header Banner Area
– Below Header Banner: OFF
Above Article Banner Area
– Above Article Banner: OFF
Below Article Banner Area
– Below Article Banner: OFF
Shortcode ADS
– [ads1] Shortcode Banner: Empty
– [ads2] Shortcode Banner: Empty
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GUI: Styling

Theme Color and Settings
– Choose Theme Color: Blue
– Custom Theme Color: Empty
– Dark Skin: OFF
– Modern Colored Scrollbar: OFF
– Apply Categories Colors on News blocks: OFF
– Lazy Load For Images: OFF
Background Type
– Background Type: Pattern
Choose Pattern
– Background Color: Empty
Body Styling
– Highlighted Text Color: Empty
– Links Color: Empty
– Links Decoration: Default
– Links Color on mouse over: Empty
– Links Decoration on mouse over: Underline
Top Navigation Styling
– Background: Empty
– Links Color: Empty
– Links Color on mouse over: Empty
– Today’s Date text color: Empty
Header Background
– Background: Empty
Main Navigation Styling
– Main Navigation Background: Empty
– Main Navigation inner bottom border color: Empty
– Sub Menu Background: Empty
– Links Color: Empty
– Links Color on mouse over: Empty
– Current Item Link Color: Empty
– Separator Line1 color: Empty
– Separator Line2 color: Empty
Breaking News Styling
– Breaking News Text Background: Empty
Content Styling
– Main Content Background: Empty
– Blocks / Widgets Background: Empty
Post Styling
– Post Links Color: Empty
– Post Links Decoration: Default
– Post Links Color on mouse over: Empty
– Post Links Decoration on mouse over: Default
Footer Background
– Background: Empty
– Footer Widget Title color: Empty
– Links Color: Empty
– Links Color on mouse over: Empty
Custom CSS
– Global CSS : Empty
– Tablets:768 – 985px: Empty
– Wide Phones:480 – 767px: Empty
– Phones:320 – 479px: Empty
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GUI: Typography

Character sets
– Latin Extended: ON
– Cyrillic: OFF
– Cyrillic Extended: OFF
– Greek: OFF
– Greek Extended: OFF
– Khmer: OFF
– Vietnamese: OFF
Live typography preview
– Default Font
Main Typography
– General Typography: 14, Default Font
– Site Title In Header: Default Font
– Tagline In Header: Default Font
– Top Menu: Default Font
– Main Navigation: Default Font
– Slider Post Title: Default Font
– Page Title: Default Font
– Single Post Title: Default Font
– Post Title in Homepage Blocks and Post Titles in Blog Layout: Default Font
– Small Post Title in Homepage Blocks: Default Font
– Post Meta: Default Font
– Post Entry: 14, Default Font
– Blockquotes: Default Font
– Blocks Titles: Default Font
– Widgets Titles: Default Font
– Footer Widgets Titles: Default Font
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GUI: Translations

Not Found
– 404 🙁 : Empty
– Not Found: Empty
– Check Also: Empty
– Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.: Empty
– Search: Empty
– Search Results for: %s: Empty
– Results Found: Empty
– No Results: Empty
– View All Results: Empty
– Sorry, but nothing matched your search criteria. Please try again with some different keywords.: Empty
– Daily Archives: <span>%s</span>: Empty
– Monthly Archives: <span>%s</span>: Empty
– Yearly Archives: <span>%s</span>: Empty
– Tag Archives: %s: Empty
– Blog Archives: Empty
– Feed Subscription: Empty
– No comments: Empty
– One comment: Empty
– 1 Comment: Empty
– % Comments: Empty
– comments: Empty
– Leave a comment: Empty
– <span>&larr;</span> Older Comments: Empty
– Newer Comments <span>&rarr;</span>: Empty
– Your comment is awaiting moderation.: Empty
– Pingback:: Empty
– Pages: Empty
– Edit: Empty
– Tags: Empty
– About: Empty
– Previous: Empty
– Prev: Empty
– Next: Empty
– Pages: Empty
– Categories: Empty
– Authors: Empty
– Views: Empty
– Read More &raquo;: Empty
– No products found: Empty
– Share: Empty
– Related Articles: Empty
– Related Products: Empty
– You must be logged in to view this page.: Empty
– All Posts: Empty
– By %s: Empty
– About %s: Empty
– Popular: Empty
– Recent: Empty
– Subscribe: Empty
– Welcome: Empty
– Dashboard: Empty
– Your Profile: Empty
– Logout: Empty
– Username: Empty
– Password: Empty
– Log in: Empty
– Remember Me: Empty
– Lost your password?: Empty
– Enter your e-mail address: Empty
– page: Empty
– &laquo; First: Empty
– Last &raquo;: Empty
– Page %s: Empty
– %1$s at %2$s: Empty
– Breaking News: Empty
– ago: Empty
– About the author: Empty
– Home: Empty
– Scroll To Top: Empty
– Random Article: Empty
– View your shopping cart: Empty
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GUI: Social Settings

We do not do anything here
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