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Мa16 Mail Cleanup:Notifications

George Morgan
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Easy Notifications

George Removes on his own.

Simple Way to Remove Notifications
Simple Way to Remove Notifications

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How to find Notification Mails ?

Notifications where I must log in

Too many mails from one site.

Notifications from Facebook
Notifications from Facebook

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1) Log into the Site (Keepass)

2) Go to notifications menu

3) remove all notifications, keep only on the very important important (see word Essential)



  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • PeoplePerHour



Notifications People per Hour Again
Notifications People per Hour Again

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Remove News from page



Way 1: Move to Folder via Message Filter

We move mails into a Folder under the News Account


Message Filters configuration

  1. Put message filter into Swiss



Step2: Account Config

News Account create in George-BG


Step2b: Change IMAP folder



As usual copy message filter file into other account.
Extend the script to include also news account folder.

Code, put here

Way2: Change email address

Step1: Find Mails

see below

Step2: Unsubscribe

Step3: Subscribe with News email address

See the screen similar to Notifications above.





Site Type Accounts New Message Filter Change Email Status
Axios News Single News Acc.
Epochtimes News Single News Acc. Yes News Account,
Finanzen News Single News Acc. Not done
Linked Social Multiple accounts WAIT! Yes Change Email, wait
Meetup Social Single wait
New York
NZZ News Single News Acc. News Account
Paradeplatz News Single News Acc. Yes Unsubscribe, Subscribe
Sinocism News Single News Acc.
Statista News Multiple News Acc.
Stawealth News Single News Acc.
Weltwoche News Single News Acc.
Xing Social Single News Acc Yes Wait for Email adress they are sending news

How to find News Mails ?



1) News are very often unread.
2) keywords: 

  • Newsletter

3) Or we have the folder already inside News (see above)




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