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S39 PromoteAuthors Tools Project

Page no: S391


On the doc site /PromoteAuthor blog we have copied many articles or parts of it,


here an example of our pages.

  1. For plugins: from the plugin directory in WordPress,
  2. For plugins:from the author’s page for the plugin
  3. For the concept,  example: Plugin Licenses.
  4. For many tricks, example: How to Move Backup Directory for Itunes

The Doc Site will go live, possibly under the subdomain it.snbchf.com

Jason and Post
S01c Jason and Post

Example for Tricks: with an author on the doc site - Click to enlarge

Task for Rad:

for all external plugin pages, add

Task 1:
The text “WordPress plugin directory” and the link behind it:
example for Tablepress


The text “Author’s plugin page” and the link behind it: example:
Torsten’s private TablePress page


add Twitter, Facebook, G+, if available
DONE except about.me


Add the [niki] snippet for our comments and move all our comments to the bottom.

Do the same thing for SEO, but clearly separate what Yoost writes and what our comment is using the [niki] snippet.Typical author is Yoast.
Example for SEO here.


Task 5: OPEN

We will need for all authors: A bio (bibliographic info) and an about me link, entered in the WordPress backend.

Biographical info2

- Click to enlarge

This bio is used on the bottom of the post as part of Follow Author Light and Pro.
It will look like here for Mark Perry:

Task 6: OPEN
Add more “special” social channels, doc here.

Biographical info in Archive

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Main Page


  • Always add the date and the main points/tasks or checklists –> Date comes from video now!!
  • For the same date, the videos should be in chronological order
    (look on modification date)
    –> New: George tells you the section where the video or card should be.
  •  Example:I cannot not fully remember, but I think this order


The video number must be the same as the page number.
Video: M33, M3x
Page: M33

And when George tells that the video number is M33 and the page number is P33, then you must tell the must.




Videos in post
O41 Videos in post

- Click to enlarge

Not our Plugins


  • Use WordPress Pro
  • Only when we got private data, customization, then use it.snbchf
  • If  page does not exist,
    Create plugin author
  • Copy from WordPress directory
  • Use tinytable, if ever possible
Embed plugins
O41 Embed plugins

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See more for Startup