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PRIV RXX Daily Content Checks

Page no: R70


The attachments come from the cards.

add the videos from video input page R70V etc. 

If they are not uploaded yet, then add them from pcloud

Control the tasks and correct errors, when we changed the way we work.

Video and Pics

Quality Checks

1) review the fonts and if the chapter titles have h3 or h4 font. Do not use leave small fonts

2) if the caption text is OK.  Example for bad caption. See attachment, Caption problem.

3) Some posts have small fonts. Make a screenshot from here and add to the card

4)  Use the quotes format, when there is a longer quoted text.

5) Quick Check with Browser Spelling plugin that spelling is correct. Look at text that are in red.

6) Verify that the featured image is set

7) Verify that there are no broken images

8) Verify that economic graphs have a source and a media title

9) Chapters in left column of tiny table: The chapter name must occur in the text of the left column.


- Click to enlarge

Small text

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Caption Problem

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Performance checks evening

Execute the tests in the evening. Test 2 or3 sites every day

It seems that we are slow in the evening.
2 times slower than FAZ. Here from Dallas
28 seconds vs. 14 seconds. Second view quicker.

But we have also 15 MB compared to 4MB.

You can test with New York and www.webpagetest.org

Write results into comments

Page Test

- Click to enlarge

Double-click on all images, so you see if it is readable.

Chandler on original post: Graph is not readable

Double-check tiny table

Double check if still we missed to do tiny tables
Search from bottom –> newest post numbers

  • Call the regex tool https://snbchf.com/niko/tools.php?page=search-regex.php
  • 1. search table with <table width. or <table style=”width   (the second syntax is NEW!)
  • 2. If we see tables with more than 3 columns —> they MUST NOT be tiny tables
  • 3. Search <td> for recent posts: We usually have <td width=250 or 300> in first row.                 A single <td> makes a problem
  • Add class=”tinytable”
  • We edit only the new posts, not the old ones (post number smaller than 21000)
  • We do not edit the table in Weekly Speculative Postion or Weekly Intervention. They are not Tiny Tables

All new pics like authors and Swissmacro pics must be on pcloud

  • !team\##Authors
  • ##snbchf\02b Swissmacro

Ipad2 Testing for Mobile Sites

  • Test all new posts, Switch mobile, desktop and look on Ipad2
  • Pictures on Ipad on desktop mode are sometimes thumbnails

Test Twitter and Facebook



The example shows

  • no image on Twitter
  • Wrong (just any) image on Facebook. The Twitter to FB feed did not have an image, so Facebook chooses any image.

The correct image is used on Twitter and Facebook (Featured Image of the post)

The Link works

The image is a big image for both

Big Image on Twitter

- Click to enlarge

Twitter No Image Facebook Any Image

- Click to enlarge

Dummy Image: should be used only if no picture in post and author has no avatar

Broken Image, happens at the beginning, later it might be corrected

Regular Task Twitter Facebook


This video is about twittily and SNAP.
We need to tweet only new economic data, not old posts.

What are the differences between General Settings and Advanced settings?
Explaining the settings of SNAP.

How I Work on Twitter Feeds

In the video im showing you how i work on the twitter feeds. Checking the first 10 posts – is there everything fine, then i continue scrolling and looking at the featured image. If there is any problem with the featured image, image in the post, date of the post – when is it published. Im writing them in the Confluence.


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