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Video and Pics

Sharing from Devices

July 2021: We are uploading files from the different devices automatically.
They are then shared with George Pcloud account.
Each device has a different account.


Sharing Files

Pcloud Access View Only
M81 Pcloud Access View Only

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I think you guys have to learn how to use pcloud (or least what I understand).

You are my collaborators for these pcloud issues, so you should accept this invitation. Please look in your mail and accept it!



2) Moreover, I could use public folders but I cannot see a public folder in my pcloud.

Would you please put screenshots to your documentation, this would help a lot.

3) And the documentation is always in German, how do I switch the language.

Link to documentation


Sync between Computers

Pcloud not in Sync among different computers

This is about folders visible on one computer and not on other computers.

Rename cache file. Pcloud will create automatically new file. The renamed file will be our backup.

  • Wait until Download / Upload have finished
  • (Exception some loads are stuck )
  • Exit Pcloud
  • Rename existing cache file with date–> data.db.20180604
  • Restart Pcloud
  • Log in (all cached data is deleted)
  • Pay attention when password file is on pcloud
  • Remember login details
  • Pcloud will load the DB Cache again
  • After that must add all sync again: copy the syncs from other compujter

Update Files not latest Version

Multiple people logged in Windows and using Pcloud,
Then they have access to Pcloud data belonging to other people.
Currently showing multiple Pcloud accounts

To be
1) Should only have access to their own Pcloud account
2) Show only one pcloud per Windows user

Team User logs out of pcloud
and uses George’s Pcloud

Files not latest Version
Files not latest Version

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Different Folder Content on 2 Computers

Pcloud shows different folders on 2 computers

  1. Restart the pcloud (works mostly)
  2. Delete cache
  3. Delete the database and wait!




Video Name: Pcloud shows different folders on 2 computers


Empty folders are shown on one computer.

George PC
George PC

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Pcloud More Windows Users, more Pclouds


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