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PRIV O45b Glossary

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Page no: O45a



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Glossary Example

Glossary Example
Glossary Example

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Example of a glossary that is too detailed.
Application: Radmin

List of Classes

  • VPN
    Action: Create New Network
    Action: Join Existing Network
    Attribute: VPN Computers Network
    Action: VPN Creates New Network
  • Network
  • Network Connection (Noun, Същститвителне)
    ActionStart Connection (verb, Глагол) sometimes with object/убект (connection)
    Action: Step by Step Guide –> Not an action!!
  • Server
    Attribute: Server Installation
    Action: Receive Connection 
    Attribute: List of Available Servers
    Action: Renaming Server Name
  • Firewall
    Action: Firewall on VPN
    Action: Firewall on Server
  • Clipboard
    Action: Main Copy Paste
          Attribute: from

Glossary Feedback and Example

Trello link

Trello summary: Empty


Object Example: Program Links Folders Object
“(3a) Program Links Computer”, when the page is about many object


  • Installed Folder for Portable –> Chapter
    Action: create new subfolder for new program
  • Base Software Folder –> Chapter
    Attribute: File Name   –> Section
    Action: Create new folder for new program  –> only bold text
    Action: Create link to website
    Action: Add version to Filename
  • Shortcuts full List –> Chapter
    Attribute: Filename  –> Section
    Action: Create new shortcut   –> only bold text
    : Remove Conflicted from Filename
  • Shortcut Folders on Cloud –> Chapter
    Attribute: Filename
    Action: Create new shortcut  –>Section or only bold text
    Action: Remove Conflicted from Filename
  • Shortcut folders on Local Computer –> Chapter




Video name: Chapters Object Example
Summary:Video shows the objects we have, here often folders.
Each object should should correspond to one chapter or sometimes sections.

Example: Import Registry

Example: Copy Paste


About Cleanup

video name: TOC and Glossary

Trello link

Trello summary:

Video explains the split into two pages

  • Page O45 about Chapters, Sections, Rows
  • Page O45a about TOC and Glossary





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