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V65 File Deletion Tools (mig)

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These Tools help to find duplicate data, empty files or empty directories.

Then the software delete the not needed things



Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Dear team, see this review of your program on a known website.

What is good?
Duplicate Cleaner Pro is able to select the files for deletion itself, based on different criteria, like length filename, path, age.

As opposed to many other tools, it is able to select arbitrary all duplicated files except one.

It still struggles with selecting arbitrarily duplicated folders.
The typical use case are different copies/backups of program folders. In my case I regularly take backups of all installed programs and program folders for installation. I also use portable apps.

When there was not change in the program version, very often there are folders that are absolutely identical.

When I now compare my backup of portable programs of May 2020 and the ones of March 2021, only some folders have changed, namely the ones where A) I installed a new version or B) the ones that contain some cached data.

Beware that the current selection possibilities solely based on files are not sufficient.

see also this ticket here.


Step1b: Search Criteria: Scan location

Choose the folders that are protected; files in this folder will not be deleted.


A) Main photos protected,

B) Data, SyncPhoto and SyncTeam are protected.

Step2: Mark by location

Duplicates Backup folders or input folders can be deleted, we keep only the main folders

  • Choose Scan Location: Protect certain folders where one should not delete
  • Choose Scan Location: Protect certain folders where one should delete

Example: Mark for deletion


Z:\Doc\MyPrivate\Job\!Job In
Z:\Doc\MyPrivate\Job\2013-2018 IET\!IET 2013-2020 from Mail
Z:\Doc\MyPrivate\UBS\!2018-2020 UBS from Mail
Z:\Doc\MyPrivate\Invest\3a\Viac\Geo\!Documents Viac In

Step2b: Delete the files

We use the File Removal function. we mark “remove empty folder”.


Step3: Duplicate Folders

For Duplicate Folders we typically choose one folder that remains in arbitrary way.

and again choose 3b: File Removal

This is typically used for software folders, same software in many places, or their subfolders.


Step4: Mark by Text Pattern

Duplicate files often contains patterns like:

  • Copy
  • (1) or (2) or (3)

4b: File Removal

during the file remove process, you will encounter this warning message.
Usually one presses No here.

Unfortunately you need to continue manually and find folders that would be erased completely.

You may continue with another pattern.


Press No and  unmark the pattern or press on unmark all.

You can continue with the following steps.



Step4: Mark by Smallest Files for deletion

In rare cases one can find duplicates with a smaller size.

and delete them via File Removal

Step5: Mark Longest Folder Names in each group

If  you have ordered files into subfolders, you might use the option “Mark Shortest Folder Names”

We usually use the longest folder names, given that duplicate folders were create

Step6: Mark by created date/time

Choose Newest files in each group for deletion



Why newest files: When duplicate files are created, they obtain new time stamp.

This can happen when taking a picture.

Step7: Mark by modified  time. 

Similar to Step6.

Step8: Mark by Group

Mark all but one



Anti Twin

Duplicate Videos or Files under Latest Sprint

Antitwin Double Videos
Antitwin Double Videos

- Click to enlarge

Choose Folders where to delete files

Step2: Choose right folders


AntiTwin Files on Doc Site
AntiTwin Files on Doc Site

- Click to enlarge

Step2: Choose right folders


Antitwin Plcoud Sync Issue
Antitwin Plcoud Sync Issue

- Click to enlarge

Delete Files

Step3: Delete Files Directly


Duplicated Files Latest Sprint Solution Antitwin
Duplicated Files Latest Sprint Solution Antitwin

- Click to enlarge

Example how to run AntiTwin

Video Link to Trello

Video Status: Change to Public

Old Video

Before we run manual backups, we should remove the duplicate data.



Search for duplicate videos,files via AntiTwin and delete them

Remove short videos with “Test test test”




Example for Deletion Rules

The following are the rules for deleting files on the team folder

Do not Delete:

  • !!Doc Site
  • !! Current Sprint

Can delete the duplicates:

  • Upload later
  • No upload needed
  • old Stuff (incl. IT.SNBCHF folder)
  • Upload to be Examined
  • Video Input

Not used any more:

  • 01.13-01.19

Folders that become a backup:

  • !!Doc SiteOld –> put on NAS  T:\TeamBackups\201701
Anti Twin Where Delete Duplicates
M91 Anti Twin Where Delete Duplicates

- Click to enlarge

Anti Twin Where Delete Duplicates
M91 Anti Twin Where Delete Duplicates2

- Click to enlarge

Video: Example to run Antitwin
Video Status: Delete

Anti Twin 00 versus


Empty Files

Files with size 0

Find empty Files

*.mp3 *.wav *.aax *.flac *.opml *.azw *.epub *.mobi *.html *.htm *.chm *.gz *.zip *.rar *.vcf *.csv *.iso *.doc *.dox *.eml *.ppt *.pptx *.pps *.xls * xlsx *.xlst *.pdf *.dic *.bmp *.gif *.hdr *.jpg *.png *.jpeg *.tif *.tiff *.xmp *.mp4 *.avi *.torrent *.3gp *.asf *.mov *.wmx *.webm *.apk *.txt *.xml



Empty Folders

Delete empty folders with a tool called RED, Remove Empty Directories.

Empty Directories Options
CM16 Empty Directories Options

- Click to enlarge

Delete Empty Folders with Glary Utilities

We compare empty folders with Glary Utilities and Windows explorer on Ipad folders. All empty folders which are find with Glary Utilities, are really empty when we check them into windows explorer.

Compared empty folders Ipad

- Click to enlarge

Empty Folders on Pcloud


This video shows that there is some problem with pCloud. Still some folders are empty and not deleted.

move to Pcloud problems.

Delete Empty Folders with Glary Utilities


Using Glary Utillities

This video explain how to remove empty folders with Glary Utilities


Delete Empty Files

Empty Files are files with a size of 0 bytes.

we have two programs:

  • Total Commander with an advanced search option
  • Delete Empty Files n’ Folders


NAS Zero Byte Files

NAS Synology Full Zero Byte Files

(no trello card)

Trello Summary: Empty

Synology Zero Bytes Files not Found

Synology Zero Bytes Files not Found
Synology Zero Bytes Files not Found

- Click to enlarge

NAS Empty Dir 0 Bytes Empty

NAS Empty Dir 0 Bytes Empty
NAS Empty Dir 0 Bytes Empty

- Click to enlarge


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