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Trello Labels

This page explains different usages of Trello Labels


Pics and video

Trello Labels represent Priorities

The first (and most obvious) option to use Trello Labels is prioritize to the tasks

We use this for our normal sprint boards (see below).




Trello Labels represent Scrum Status

Trello Lists based on Work Area

We use a new form of list,
which is not the status, but on “work areas”.
Each work area has menu item on our documentation site.


We cannot use the lists for the scrum status.

Trello Lists based on Work Areas


Using Trello Labels for the Scrum status

The following steps show how we use Trello Labels for the scrum status.

  • Step 1: Contains all priorities
  • Step 2: Task definition is insufficient, needs a better Definition of Done. Usually the product manager must define a good Definition of Done. Otherwise the scrum master sets the task back.
  • Step 3: The project manager / scrum master defines the checklists (sub-tasks)
  • Step 4: The task is done, the documentation is still pending or there are questions to the documentation
  • Step 5: The team or Niki have done the task and the documentation
  • Step 6: The documentation is mostly done, but there is some cleanup needed, as for order and formulation, orthography
  • Step7: The task is closed




The label Started


End of the sprint

All cards have the green color

  • Checklists are green
  • Task is green


Trello labels for Normal Sprint Boards

Normal Sprint Labels

Those 6 labels are basic labels for normal sprint.



  • Green – task is closed
  • Yellow – Prio 4
  • Orange – Prio 3
  • Red – Prio 1 Same Day
  • Pink – Prio 2 Important task
  • Black – Dummy cards

Normal Sprint Lables
O53 Normal Sprint Lables

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Closed Tasks

Closed Tasks
Closed Tasks

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Unnecessary labels for Normal Sprint

(no trello card)


The video shows how remove the not needed lables from a sprint.


Trello Labels for Regular tasks, model1

In this type of board we use Trello Labels for identifying how often a task is done.

Regular tasks are a different type of boards;

we have also defined a different Trello team (that still consists of the same team members)


Other Regular Lables
O53 Other Regular Lables

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Trello Labels for regular tasks, simple model

This is a simple regular task.

Black labels for not doing regular tasks

use black label for task which we not doing

Orange Label for doing tasks

SNBCHF Regular Lables
O53 SNBCHF Regular Lables

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How to Change Color/Label


Adding labels 

Add labels to a card via the card back’s “Labels” button, from the card’s edit menu (click the pencil icon on hover) or by hovering over the card and using the shortcut “l” (lower-case L) to see all available labels. If you know the number shortcut (see further down) you can also directly add the label by pressing the respective number.

Active labels are represented on the front of a card and under “Labels” on the card’s back. The labels are sorted by color, see shortcut table below for sequence.

Click the labels menu to add labels.
Click the labels menu to add labels.

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Shortcuts with Numbers

You can also add and remove labels pressing “l” to bring up a pop-over menu of labels.

Toggle an individual label by pressing numbers between 1 and 9. Individual label shortcuts are mapped below.

We prefer to have Red as Prio1 aka Number 1 and NOT Green.
Red stands for important.

Pink as Number2,

Yellow as Number4,

Green  as Number 5.

Change Request at trello?



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Too many Labels

: Too many Labels

But labels from the previous week are inherited, once one single task is copied.

I want to see only 7 different labels max: 4 common ones (with text Prio1..4) + 2 old ones (red, orange without text)

The labels must be configured for each sprint.

But labels from the previous week are inherited, once one single task is copied.

Too Many Lables


New Labels not there

Old boards cannot use the new labels

The labels must be configured for each sprint. But labels from the previous week are inherited.


Video: Trello Labels missing

Into old boards trello labels missing

Started Label

We are using started label for tasks which are started but not completely done.



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