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PRIV S55 Follow, Subscribe, Register, Donate Logic

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C21: Follow, Subscribe, Register, Donate Logic


Business Requirements

(copied from concept)

The sequence of popups and registering should be the following:

  1. Follow George Dorgan, snbchf or Keith Weiner on Twitter as documented in Popup v2
  2. Get their email addresses when they subscribe or via Facebook and Twitter API
  3. Write them to our user DB table, once we have obtained their email addresses
  4. Donate via email or with a donate button on the blog. We would avoid donate popups at least for now.
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Donation Text

Donate to SNBCHF.com Via Paypal or Bitcoin To Help Keep the Site Running

Please consider making a small donation to Smaulgld.com. Thanks

Donation Widget Simple Widget

  • We did two widgets which are under these widget areas:
  • Front Page Sidebar
  • Sidebar Widget
  • It is a html widget where we can easily control

Donation Widget
Donation Widget

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Similar for bitcoin

Donation Page
Donation Page

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