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Getting New Clients/authors

Strategy for getting new clients


MailPoet Campaign

#15 (The List) set up an email mailing list solution with a professional email template.

Secure at least 10 people for The List from your contacts who you will provide updates on your business to, and request support from, throughout the program.

Write a few sentences to describe the solution that you have chosen with a link to your sample email template. (1 Hour)

We will create a MailPoet template with a SNBCHF Sales design.
it will contain a video explaining what we do.
It is essentially a walk-through through sales.snbchf.com
No video available  at the moment.I created a newsletter presentation based on Sales Website.Example here

How to edit

Mailpoet campaigns can be edited easily the same as regular newsletter campaigns.

They are under MailPoet -> Emails

There you can navigate between the campaigns we have currently at the moment.

With the button “Edit” the campaign can be edited.



Using the GUI you can edit all of the sections inside the campaign.

MailChimp Campaign

In addition, we have a Mailchimp account and campaign, because the emails from Mailpoet usually do not have mobile versions and are broken.

Login details are in keepass:

Username: nikiellusion

Password: 5i8V35Agjk3nE4h.

How to edit

After login, navigate to Campaigns -> All campaigns

Navigate to campaign and click edit


The same as MailPoet, via GUI you can edit the sections.



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