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F84 Video Publish

Page no: F84
Explanation Videos and pics

Publish Old Videos

When we load a videos, they are drafts, we would like to publish them.

  • Open Draft Posts
  • Choose the author
  • Click on the first field next to “Title” – this will select all videos in current page of the videos
  • Click on “Bulk Actions” –> Edit –> Apply
  • Change the Status to Published
  • Click Update
  • This is the quick edit of videos

Publish Old Videos
Publish Old Videos

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Publish Automatically for Channel Contributors

  • Only: Channel Contributors ONLY
  • Current Status Videos of channel contributors, which are NOT Missing Money R80 [Link] are published automatically
  • Step2: to be changed to all channel contributors
  • Step3: to be changed to all videos of all types of contributor (after Black and Whitelist are tested and working)
  • Step3 requires check if video already exists
  • Possibly some improvements need in FeedWp 
  • wrong keywords, for example when we find keyword “Gold” –

Manual Load

  • Example: I load old videos from some author with Youtube interface and I want it to appear in the newsletter
  • Solution: Work with Multi-Edit, add the publication Date
  • Example: Publication Date WP = 01.01.2021
  • Youtube Pub Date = 01.12.2020
  • —- Initial Load using Youtube Feed Loader
  • Set WP Publication Date to Youtube Pub date
  • —- FeedWP
  • No change in WP Publication Date

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