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This is the mother page for feeds to Ecoblogs


Video Feeds to Ecoblogs Overview


# of Authors that have this role (as of Oct 19) SNBCHF Austrian Central Banks Leaders European Macro Heterodox Swiss Ecoblogs
Contributor 43 20 23 8 0 3 7 18
Channel Contributor 30 14 11 8 10 5 8 11
No Filter Contributor 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 1
Spam Contributor 12 8 14 23 25 30 28 21
Super Contributor 24 6 2 21 25 20 17 9
Video Contributor 34 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Keywords added 4 6 13 5 13 15 8


Proposal on Ecoblog Testing

  • It must be visible the progress easily
  • It must be easy trackable for the team
  • It must be easy for understanding from the team



We should have a page with a table for all blogs.

In the table we will have all weekly testing activities. We can schedule them day by day. In this table we will write down with links & screens all needed activities to be done.

To track the progress we will have trello card. The trello card will contain a checklist with the date. In the checklist we will have the columns of the table and the team must check the columns.

Next week in the same card we will just copy/paste the dummy checklist and the team must check them again.

Load Videos for Authors

  • Open for example 
  • Authors should be ordered by posts, max posts first, only top 50 authors
  • Copy each author’s name and search in YouTube
  • Decide for each author
  • Search: <First Name> <Last Name>
  • Look at the results and decide for which role is related
  • 50 —> 8 blogs = 400
  • —- How to decide if author belongs to which role?
  • SPAM contributor –> When entering name then I can see many Nonsense videos (not economic)
  • SPAM Contributor —> if there is no video in Youtube, we do not know what to do –> On Ecoblogs Spam, On snbchf –> Contributor
  • — Avoid too many spam authors
  • Solution: Add search key like company (in the mail) or name of blog
  • Channel Contributor (Load videos from his channel) –> when we see that he has a channel
  • Pay attention on Language of channels: Only German, English
  • Super Contributor (Search in Youtube title and in description) —> When person has many videos and not spam, but often his name not in the title
  • NoFilter Contributor (No any filtering when videos are loaded, not even on title and description) -> not spam,, this should load also the name variants using Google’s name abstraction algorithm
  • Video Contributor (assigned manually) –> not for ecoblogs
  • We load videos for all video contributors and create their feeds later on

Special Cases

  • What if person has 3 names? Geoffrey H. Hunt
  • what about Geoff Hunt?
  • It depends. If you search for Geoff Hunt and in the search appears also Geoofrey H. Hunt, then you set it as no filter contributor. If now, then you load it twice with both names.
  • —-> Use Google algorithm via NoFilter Contributor


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