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Size of Video

Change the size of video

Currently I cannot change the size of a video inside the blog without going into HTML


Show me how or find a plugin that does it.

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Change size video when it is already inserted in a page

  1. Find a way or plugin to change the size of the video
  2. Add caption, alt to videos


No problem available

I tried many different ways to achieve the needed functionality.

  1. I searched for a pre-ready plugin from WordPress Plugin directory. There is no such a thing. I tried more than 10 different plugins incl. Vinbuis etc. Many of them want to store our videos on their servers, which is problem, too.
  2. I searched for TinyMCE (our editor) plugin to achieve the functionality. There is no such JavaScript or WordPress plugin.
  3. I started searching if WordPress allow to add or edit fields in Video Quick Edit. Unfortunately we do not have any control of the Video Quick Edit. We can’t edit, add, change or anything there.
  4. In normal edit page of video we can add / edit or delete fields. So I started working on this problem. But the problem is that we can’t add the WIZ button (the button for quick edit of the image in new tab). I tried many ways, but WordPress does not have the ID of the video in the editor. So I did the change in the shortcode, but it is not easy to use, so I give up.
  5. I also searched for any other plugin or problem, which is not part of WordPress library, but without effect. All of them does not have the functionality for caption and change size.



It will not be a good problem, but at least it can work. What about a custom shortcode like the follow author pro? Where we will add the ID of the video and the size and all of the media will be edited from normal edit page. It will be something like [vid id=”33213″ width=”320″ height=”250″]


No good problem, because we need the “technical” attribute attachment ID.

Editing the HTML directly might be quicker.


Adjust video size when inserting it into a page

We would like to specify the video size displayed on a page. We should do this when we insert the video.

This is currently not possible.


I tried many ways but currently this is not possible, too. We can’t control this part of the WP.




Start Stop for Video

Missing functionality


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