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Video and Pics

NAS as Network Drives


Map Drives

  • Map Drives as Screens (either Synology or Windows way)
  • Check Reconnect login and create drive mapping
  • Name Similar to DocBackup Syn412

 1) Map Network Drives with Windows

We can map network drives either with Windows.

Map Network Drive
Map Network Drive

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 Mapping with Synology Assistant

or using the synology assistant


Doc Backup
Doc Backup

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Drive and Shared Folder
Drive and Shared Folder

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 All mapped drives

Shared Folder Errors
Shared Folder Errors

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Recycle Bin

Enable recycle bin on synology

It is done on both of the synologies.


Enable recycle bin


Map Drives on Mac


Click on Finder in the taskbar (also known as Finder Menu) and select Preferences from the drop down menu. Check the box for Show these items on the desktop -> Connected Servers.



Hold Command and press K (⌘+K) to bring up the Connect to Server dialog box. Type in “smb://” followed by the name and directory of the server you would like to connect to.



When the login dialogue box appears, select Connect as -> Registered User. For Name, enter ADS\ followed by your username. For example, ADS\user . The password field should be filled with your ADS password. Select the box “Remember this password in my keychain” and click Connect.





Navigate to System Preferences -> Users & Groups. Select your user profile and choose the Login Items tab. Drag the newly mounted volume from the desktop into the Login Items list. Now, when you log in to OSX, the selected volume will mount automatically.


Symbolic Links

Some software cannot work with network drives. Examples

Create symbolic links.

We use symbolic links

  • With option /J for Pcloud
  • option /d for NAS drives


Symbolic Links
CM11 Symbolic Links

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