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P65 Automatic Tag Creation

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  • Manual procedure
  • When we have a person posts
  • 1. we need add name as tag (same as when we find person in the text)
  • 2. add name into url   —> person is in focus, out of scope
  • 3. add name into title   –> person is in focus, out of scope


General Idea:

  • If first name is in the list of common first names [link] (English, German)
  • second word (word after first name) in stop word –> do nothing
  • <first word> <second word> is in tags   —> do nothing, it is already a person tag (tag group = person)
  • <first word> <second word><third word> –> is an author, example Marc Peter Meyer, Jeffrey F. Snider –> Create person tag (tag group person)
  • IF NOT: second word is normal second/family name
  • then add tag <first name> <last name> = <first word> <second word> –> Person tag (tag group person)
  • and create a link under the <first name> <last name> in the text


Settings Page[link]

  • — Names
  • Field: List with common English names (divided with comma)
  • Field: List with common German names (divided with comma)
  • — Options
  • Option to TURN ON/OFF the auto-creation of person links
  • Auto-linking method: Choice between GUI or Cron

Automatic Tag Suggestion

This function gives suggestions for tags that do not exist yet.
You can choose which tags to add to the data base. These tags are only person tags.





This will create (a list of)

  • person tags
  • Posts with these person tags for each post that contains the first and last name in this order inside the post text.
Automatic Linking

If the post contains first name last name of the person, and the person tag exists, then it creates adds the person tags to this post.




Exceptions: ‘s

Peter Schiff’s —> Exception rules for ‘s

The algorithm will recognize that the text contains ‘s because it realized that
Peter Schiff is a person tag.

Exception: Tag must have 3 words

Peter Paul Rubens

The algorithm also works with person tag having 3 words, first name, middle name, last name.


Automatic tag creation and child tags

The automatic tag creation calls the tag hierarchy plugin

It first finds the first name last name and matches these words not only to normal tags but also to child tags.

Once it has matched a child tag, it will create the parent tag inside the post.




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