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F81 Link Name

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Link Name inside Feed WP

Link Name = CategoryNumber (6b.) + FeedName (Andrew Moran)
+ Author Role (Channel) + Category Name (Mises)

  • Category Name: use only when different from Author name
  • Example 6b.) Videos: Dimitri Speck (Acting)
  • We write feed category number before FeedName
  • for all same syntax
  • not some with space, others without space
  • Problems—
  • Cannot see category Mises –> for all videos
  • Cannot see category Acting Man
  • Missing Video Contributor inside FeedWP, replace Contributor
  • Only needed when this video feed does not have its own category


With Search Term

Put the “filtered”  at the endfor al feeds that contain search terms inside FeedWP Advanced

See more for Autofeed