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This page is only the first version for the import of posts using a plugin like Syndication. It describes the mapping in a short form.

The new page on the configuration of the Syndication plugin explains it in a longer fashion. This page here might need update, the table shows many things in a succinct form.


Importing RSS Feeds into Our DB

In our concept, we decided to import the content of the RSS feeds into our WordPress Database in a CRON job. The import must follow the subsequent rules:

Our feed site is has the URL economicblogs.org

An RSS syndication is a list of RSS Feeds that belong to the same area of content, in technical terms our buttons.
The RSS teaser is the text of the post inside the RSS Feed, it is typically 3 to 6 lines of text.

Term in RSS Feed SyndicationExampleContent and naming in our Wordpress DB(s)Technical Solution for our sitesRuleExample URL or....................... Example Text
RSS Feed Syndication Ex1: Anglophone Economists
Ex2: AustrianAlternative
Ex3: Centralbanks
Link Category For each Link Category exactly one subdomain {Link category}.ubertwitter.org

www. Centralbanks.
RSS FeedBlog of Brad de LongLinkAdd all RSS feeds for this subdomainFor each blog one link
Full post text for one RSS Feed inside external Wordpress DBPost/Page Not existant: Only internet link inside the post textWe do not store the full post text, only a link inside the posts"read more at" {URL}
Post inside the RSS Feed, a so-called "RSS teaser" because it refers readers to the blogtypically a three-line textExcerpt of a post/pageImport excerpt into the relevant WP DB as post,
Set Text (Post) = Text(RSSTeaser)
Set Excerpt (post) = Teasertext
Set Metadesc=left$(Teasertext, 146)
"read more at" {URL}
Tags of the teaser inside the RSS Feedoften teasers have tags inside the RSSTag of the post/pageImport the tags
Additional: Improve tags with Yoost tag tool
Tags (Post) = Tags (RSSteaser)
"negative rates", "economy"
Author of the postFrances CoppolaAuthor of the post/pageImport the author nameSet author=author(teaser)
"Frances Coppola"
URL for the authorwww.AnglophoneEconomists.
Each author has a URLCreate page URL for each authorSet URL ={Link category}.ubertwitter.org/{author}/www.Keynesians.
URL of the postwww.AnglophoneEconomists.
Post URLadd the title of teaser after the authorSet URL={Link category}.ubertwitter.org/{author}/URL(RSSteaser)
Some discussion on stable URL and dates outstanding
Title and SEOTitle of the postPost Title and SEO TitleCopy title and SEO title from the teaserSet SEOTitle=SEOTitle (teaser)
Set Title= Title(teaser)
"The End of the Lower

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