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PRIV P35h Tag-Based Lists

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Page no: P35h


Put on the list only tag-based lists and their functions.


A WordPress tag is a non-stop word.

I allow that tags are used from the local DB and from other WordPress DB


Tags as Non-Stop Word


Sync Tags with Master


When an author or editor defines a tag, this means it is generally an important word. it cannot be a stop word.

Therefore we should have a function that sync the tags of all ecoblogs and snbchf into the tag-based dual keywords list.

Use all Tags

Use all tags, no matter how long they are.

Sync with Slaves

1) Add new slave – You need to add all slaves from which you want to take tags
2) List all slaves – You can see all slaves, which you have
3) Delete a slave – You can delete a slave, if there is problem with him
4) Sync DB’s – Using the “Take tags from Slaves” button, you can sync the new tags. All the Master tags will be erased.


Please create one row per function





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